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EGR have been operating since 1973 and the company is well known for precision-engineered products and solutions. Motorists looking to improve the aesthetic nature of their vehicle without compromising on safety or standards will find that the product range from EGR is the ideal starting point.

Add some protection to your vehicle

The range of EGR Fender Flares is a fantastic way to provide some protection to a car from the general debris that is churned up by tires. With mud, rocks and other rubbish and loose chippings continually hitting the car, some vehicles are worse for wear over a period of time. With these flares in place, the damage to a vehicle is significantly reduced, maintaining and improving the value and condition of a vehicle.

Enhance the appearance of your car

Another strong reason to install Fender Flares to a vehicle is down to the fact that they enhance the appearance of the car. Not only do the flares spare the paintwork of a car from being chipped, the flares can add a touch of glamour and class to the look of the vehicle. It is easy to paint the flares to complement the vehicle’s color scheme, so this is always a stylish way to maintain the vehicle.

Choose from a varied product range

With EGR hood shields and EGR window visors, there are a number of ways in which motorists can care for their vehicles. When it comes to having a great looking car that holds its value and condition, adding EGR solutions makes a big difference.

Find the solution that meets your needs

When it comes to caring for a vehicle in a stylish and functional manner, it makes sense to get in touch with TDot Performance. We can help you choose from the best range of EGR solutions, so contact us by email or phone today.