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Aiming to provide safety solutions in portable and compact packages, Element has been on the research and development streak that has established a proven fire-fighting technology for fixed building situations worldwide. First developed for the esteemed European Space Program, the Element series is a miniature yet effective version of the prototype. The traditional extinguisher is bulky, heavy, and have a limited lifespan that isn’t just optimal for automotive use. With the Element series, the physical footprint is reduced by 80%, substantially lighter, discharges 5 times better, and a no-expiration formula that’s handy for emergency fire situations on the road.

Made in Italy, it is guaranteed to be of the best quality, with CE and TUV certifications to back it up. The Element Fire extinguisher has been awarded innovation accolades, and has been available in over 30 countries now, with foreign militaries and police forces using it as their first choice for portable fire extinguisher solutions. Get the best fire protection for your vehicle in a neat package that’s also environment-friendly and non-toxic, only with the Element Fire Extinguishers.

TDot Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Element products. What this means is that when you purchase a product from us it will also come with the complete protection of Element's manufacturer warranty. TDot Performance is 100% Canadian owned and operated. So we'll never ask you to pay any shipping, customs, duties, or brokerage fees! And if you can't find the product you're looking for just give us a call. If a certain product is not listed on the site doesn't mean we don't have it in our warehouse!