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Enhance the style, functionality, and personality with the awesome rims by Enkei Wheels. Featuring progressive technologies and advanced alloy casting procedures, Enkei Rims are made to overcome the toughest races and driving conditions. Enkei's continuous innovation, quality control, and global presence make it one of the most recognizable brands in the aftermarket wheel and rim market today. Whether it’s their racing, tuning, truck/SUV, and performance series wheels, Enkei aims to precisely accommodate just about any driving personality with their complete collection. A proven brand around the world, Enkei Rims have been prominent in high-stakes international race competitions such as the F1, WRC, SCCA, and Super GT circuits. With cutting-edge technology integrated, Enkei Wheels effectively change the way people view your ride as these wheels open their eyes to an inimitable appearance.

Advanced Alloys

Enkei has been pushing the envelope of aftermarket wheel quality and design for more than 50 years. The company uses the most advanced composite alloys in engineering all of its wheels. Enkei calls this "MAT", or "Most Advanced Technology". These aren't your standard metallic alloys. They are the result of decades of scientific research and track testing that have resulted in the most advanced alloy ever made. Enkei employs the latest in casting and rim forming processes which ensure that their wheels are as strong and durable as possible. One particular wheel that perfectly demonstrates this advanced blueprint is the highly-regarded RPF1 which many view as Enkei’s most innovative wheel design. The RPF1 integrates similar technology to that used on the Mclaren Honda Formula One Race Wheel. Available in a variety of sizes, the RPF1 features a pocket design around the bolt circles which makes the wheel run cooler during demanding races.

Large Series Available

Enkei’s Wheels are sorted in various series to precisely accommodate different driving needs. Their Tuning Series Wheels are viewed as an excellent complement to modern sports cars and are guaranteed to turn a lot of heads. Their Racing Series Wheels open many opportunities in high-stakes races thanks to a blueprint that’s thoroughly engineered to overcome hard turns and demanding competitions. Adding to that, Enkei’s Truck Series is viewed as an excellent means of further enhancing your truck or SUV’s rugged appearance on both the open road and at off-road terrain.

Strict Quality Standards

Enkei wheels are meticulously tested to meet the most stringent JGTC. In fact, Enkei has created its own testing standard which exceeds even the toughest JWL requirements, highlighting the company's commitment to quality. They call this the "Spec-E" test. The test is notable for the following advantages it has over the industry-standard JWL test:

  • Higher drop point in impact tests
  • 20% more cycles in rotary bending fatigue tests
  • 20% more cycles in dynamic radial fatigue tests

Global Presence

Enkei is one of the biggest names in the wheel industry. The company has operations all over the world, including Asia, North America, Europe, and South America. Enkei supplies OEM wheels to all the major Japanese car manufacturers. In North America, the company supplies OEM wheels to General Motors. Enkei doesn't just supply OEM manufacturers though. They also supply wheels to Formula One team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes!

Enkei in Canada

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As Canada’s most trusted online shop, we guarantee you won’t find another official dealer with a better deal than us. If you need any help locating the best Enkei Wheels for your vehicle model, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at sales@tdotperformance.ca. Our network is always open to help customers shop and select the best products for their make and model. Don't wait any longer. Purchase an Enkei wheel for your vehicle today and start turning heads when you drive down the street!