Fabtech is a leading manufacturer of performance shocks. With over 20 years of military, commercial, and consumer experience, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality possible when you buy a Fabtech product from TDot Performance. As a competitive dealer, we carry all Fabtech shocks at the lowest prices in Canada. Our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees.


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The off-roading culture lives in California. That is where you'll find the world's best dirt bike racers and off-road racing enthusiasts. That is also where you'll find Fabtech Suspension Systems. This company has been innovating the best suspension equipment for well over 20 years. Fabtech continues to be a leader in the off-road suspension system and they do it by competing. Their suspensions systems are used by off-road racers in the most powerful trucks in the world. If their suspension products are good enough for the most grueling races in the world, you know they can handle the Canadian winter.


These shocks are made for the off-roading beast. They are the same shocks that Fabtech puts out there in the world's highest competitive races. These are designed to handle any terrain and they last forever. They come in a variety of sizes to fit all trucks and come with reservoir or non-reservoir technology. The spherical bearing increases off-road capabilities and the coilovers increase the power.


These Fabtech shocks have been specifically designed by Fabtech to work with their superior suspension systems. These shocks give your truck superior ride control with features like velocity 9-stage valving, closed cell foam inserts and polyurethane bushings. Bring forth smoother, more stable, and more reliable drivability with the superb shocks by Fabtech.


Fabtech isn't just for leisure and off-roading, Fabtech is made for some serious work. This company manufactures a line of high-end, nearly indestructible suspension systems that are good enough for military Hummers and off-road first responder vehicles. Fabtech products integrate only heavy-duty materials that place great emphasis on durability and longevity.


No matter which off-road suspension system component you are looking for, we carry it. Give TDot Performance a call at 1-800.276.7566 so that our experienced technicians can handle any questions you may have. Outfitting your truck with serious off-road capabilities needs to be done right the first time and we are here to help. We also ship these parts within Canada for free with no border fees! Enjoy the best suspension systems the world has to offer.