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With a history that spans more than 30 years, Flowmaster has had plenty of time to perfect the art of exhaust system design. Their exhaust systems are available for nearly every vehicle on the market. Flowmaster exhaust systems are most renowned for their horsepower and torque boosting efficiency. Flowmaster Mufflers provide your ride the unique sound that appropriately suits its personality. Whether you are looking for a mild, moderate, aggressive, or very aggressive tone, Flowmaster has the proper muffler. TDot Performance is proud to carry all Flowmaster exhaust systems at the lowest prices in Canada. If you’re able to find a particular product on their official website at Flowmaster.com, you can be certain that we have brand news stocks of them ready to be delivered. Our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees.

The story has always been Flowmaster Vs Magnaflow when it comes to the most efficient exhaust systems in today’s market. Regardless of whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, you’re guaranteed a huge upgrade over the restrictive factory exhaust with either Magnaflow or Flowmaster. While both options offer excellent performance boosts and a captivating sound, we’ll be going more in-depth with the race-inspired exhaust solutions by Flowmaster. With advanced engineering and cutting-edge craftsmanship, drivers are sure to reap the massive benefits of integrating a Flowmaster Exhaust Product.


Flowmaster Exhaust Systems are engineered as top-notch solutions that bring forth exceptional power gains and top-level engine performance. From turbo-back to axle-back to cat-back exhausts, Flowmaster has established a wide range of different systems to suit any driving application. With the precise and cutting-edge blueprint of Flowmaster Exhaust Systems, your ride is certain to turn heads and be set apart from the rest as unmatched engine efficiency is coupled by the patented Flowmaster Exhaust Sound.

To ensure an excellent driving speed that is also environmentally sound, users simply integrate the Flowmaster Catalytic Converter to strip away toxins and fumes from the tailpipe. Furthermore, these powerful exhaust systems also grant your ride an aggressive style as they are capped off with great-looking Flowmaster Exhaust Tips. Indeed, they are all built to take vehicle performance to the next level, the only question that remains now is which of the Flowmaster Exhaust Kits appropriately meet your specific needs.


The Outlaw Series is Flowmaster's most aggressive sounding exhaust system. These premium exhausts are made with the best race-bred components on the market. The Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust integrates a mandrel bent stainless steel blueprint to establish a free-flowing design that reduces backpressure while enhancing horsepower and torque levels. Elevated performance is suitably accompanied by an exceptional interior and exterior tone that’s sure to blow the competition away.


American Thunder is Flowmaster's most authentic sounding exhaust. It also happens to be their most popular. This finely tuned exhaust system is perfect for sedate vehicles trying to mimic that famous muscle car sound.


The Pro Series of exhaust systems offers the same great performance and sound as the American Thunder line, but with a noticeably deeper tone. This unique sound is made possible due to Flowmaster's patented laminar flow muffler technology.


The dBX offers the same performance and deep sound level of the Pro Series but in a compact case. The compact design is perfect for smaller vehicles looking to make big sound. The Flowmaster DBX is designed using mandrel bent 16 gauge stainless steel for superior durability and decreased backpressure. With a simple bolt-on blueprint and all the necessary hardware provided, the DBX mounts quickly and effortlessly to the original exhaust locations.


The Force II produces Flowmaster's most mild tone. This exhaust was designed to give you some measure of tone enhancement without the sound being too overbearing for everyday street use. The Flowmaster Force II features mandrel-bent tubing for outstanding improvements in power, acceleration, and fuel mileage. Established in a variety of muffler and pipe configurations, the Force II certifies a proper fitment to various trucks and cars in just an hour.


A Flowmaster Muffler is one of the most sought after upgrades for race enthusiasts and custom builders alike. Flowmaster Mufflers are available in a huge selection of performance exhaust tones to fit different tastes and driving styles. One of the company’s more popular variant is the Flowmaster Super 10 Series. Although compact in size, this race appropriate muffler generates a dominant performance tone while keeping noise levels legal on the track. Aiming to blow the competition away? The Flowmaster Super 44 Mufflers are the ideal choice for an incredibly deep and throaty tone when conquering the tracks or the trail. Engineered for high-performance vehicles and muscle cars, the Super 44 is designed with an enhanced flow path radius that reduces restrictions and improves horsepower.

For individuals looking for an outstanding growl that won’t wake the neighbours up, the baffled design of the Flowmaster 50 Series Mufflers is the way to go. Generating a mild exterior tone with zero interior resonance, the 50 Series incorporates a unique three-chamber “H” design for improved power and torque. Integrating a powerful two-chamber design, the Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler generates a roaring throaty sound that’s ideal for off-road and race applications. This exceptional muffler is considered the benchmark to which all other chambered mufflers are compared to. For the best prices of the Flowmaster 40 Series along with every other performance muffler by the legendary company, TDot Performance is the proven name that provides a quick delivery with zero hidden charges.


TDot Performance is an authorized retailer of all Flowmaster Exhaust products in Canada. Our customers pay no customs, duties, or borders fees while enjoying free shipping on every order. We guarantee the lowest prices in Canada on all Flowmaster products. Every product you can find at Flowmaster.com, you can bet that our online shop carries them. Whether it’s new Flowmaster Mufflers, exceptional air filters, sturdy off-road bumpers, resilient floor mats, or rugged tires, the modern Canadian driver can rest assured that we have them all ready to be delivered straight to their doorsteps. Remember to always call us if you can't find an item you are looking for on our website. Chances are that we carry it in our warehouse!