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Husky Liners

From rubber floor mats to all-weather mats for keeping your car’s interior looking pristine, Husky Liners is a global brand that is famous for selling quality products. There are Car Organisers to keep your belongings tidy in transit, Husky Shield Paint Protection for safeguarding your bodywork against chips and scratches, and a range of other items aimed at improving or maintaining your car’s appearance.


Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liners give you peace of mind when muddy shoes, spilled drinks and dropped food items are having an impact on your vehicle’s interior. Lay these down wherever problems tend to occur to keep that factory-fresh look year after year.

Keep it clean

Using the latest manufacturing techniques, the Husky Custom Molded Mud Guards are formed to fit over your vehicle seamlessly. The materials used are resistant to impacts, and won’t crack or snap under pressure. They are just the right length to keep your vehicle clean and still allow full tread coverage. If you really hate getting those unsightly splashes of mud on the sides of your vehicle, you can stop it happening with these trusty mudguards.

Protect your headlights

Extend the life of your headlights with the Husky Shield Headlite Guard, which offers solid protection against sand, rocks and salt. These resilient kits also make your lights look brighter using a special film that has UV inhibitors, meaning that sunlight will not be able to penetrate through the casing and cause that unpleasant yellow hazy effect.


The sleek, black Husky Gearbox Storage System is ideal for keeping loose items in one place inside your car. It will make the entire space feel less cluttered and ensure that everything you need is stored in one place for ease of access. Fit it under the rear seats in minutes, and enjoy many years of use.

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