All of IPCW parts are manufactured in-house to maintain the highest level of quality and service. If you are in the market for aftermarket lighting then look no further and check out the IPCW Brand today! TDot Performance is one of the best shops to buy your PCW products. We have some of the lowest prices with FREE Shipping in ALL IPCW products with absolutely NO border fees.


A company that is always focused on making the next innovative product, IPCW manufactures the kind of unique aftermarket lighting that can set your car apart in a crowd. Everything is made in-house, which gives them the chance to constantly refine and improve each part. To transform your vehicle, take a look at its full range of lighting – each item will make your vehicle into an even more impressive machine. 

What’s in the range?

Customising your car with superior LED Lights is a relatively easy way of giving it a luxury feel. In the IPCW range, there are LED light bars for attracting attention to specific areas, LED Tail Lights for superior rear lighting, and Euro Taillights for a more bespoke type of illumination. 

To get noticed at night, our IPCW Led Door and Tailgate Handles make the ideal replacement for factory standard products. This is an easy way to add extra flash, but it’s also a highly functional choice, keeping you clearly visible in the dark.

Crystal Eyes LED bumper, corner and fog lights can add a vivid element to the overall look of a vehicle. Sleek, clean and bright, they make your driving experience even more awesome.

Be seen and remembered with a set of Conversion Headlights in a range of eye-catching designs. From skulls, to splashes of colour and diamond cuts, these products add personality to a vehicle. Halo Lights are another cutting-edge option, and are a distinctive way of improving your current illumination, with either white or black lenses. If you are new to the scene or are starting a fresh project, Halo lights are probably the most impressive way to begin a modification of your car.

Whether you are planning a small upgrade of your existing lights, or a full customisation job, get in touch today. Call us toll-free on 1-800-276-7566, or email us at