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For more than four decades, the K&N Cold Air Intake Filters have been the automotive industry’s prime choice for engine filtration. These powerful air filters deliver unrestricted airflow for increased horsepower, better acceleration and improved fuel efficiency. Simultaneously, they effectively prevent detrimental particles from entering and compromising the engine’s quality. A huge improvement from ordinary paper air filters, this K&N component utilizes a layered and oil gauzed filter media that traps even the smallest particles while granting up to 50% more airflow. Maintaining the outstanding quality is quite easy thanks to the filter’s washable and reusable medium. The filter media can be consistently used up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is necessary.

K&N emphasizes a precise solution with their air filters. Their top engineers made certain to consider the different needs of different driving personalities. Their air filters come in a variety of dimensions which are based on a specific vehicle’s year, make and model. For instance, the K&N 33-2247 Air Filters are built to maximize the performance of various Dodge Trucks. Featuring a drop-in design, this air filter quickly installs into the existing factory air box of the Dodge 1500, Dodge 1500 Classic, Dodge Ram 2500, Ram 4500, Ram 5500, and similar models. Here at TDot Performance, navigating and searching for the K&N Air Filter that fits your specifics is easy and hassle-free as they are conveniently arranged according to the vehicle brand and year.

Apart from keeping dirt and debris away from your engine, K&N also manufactures cabin air filters that prioritize the cleanliness of the air inside the cabin. The K&N Cabin Air Filters protect the vehicle’s occupants from pollen, mould, spores and other airborne contaminants which often cause an unpleasant odor. They are designed to be a factory fit to your make and model which means simple hand tools are all you need to properly install them. Much like the K&N Cold Air Intake Filters, the K&N Cabin Air Filters integrate a washable and reusable synthetic filter media that needs to be cleaned only after every 12,000 miles.

When it comes to obtaining the power producing K&N Air Filters, there’s not a more trustable distributor in Canada than TDot Performance. We carry a complete collection of K&N’s latest innovations to ensure your performance needs are properly met. Shipment to anywhere in Canada is free and we guarantee zero brokerage, duties or custom fees when you place your order. Each high quality air filter comes with K&N’s Million Mile Limited Warranty. Should you have any issues in searching or purchasing a particular K&N product, feel free to call our line and one of our representatives will gladly assist you in the matter.