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For more than 35 years, Konig have been at the forefront of wheel technology. Konig Wheels are highly regarded all over the globe thanks to rim designs that are not just robust and lightweight but are also refined and inimitable. The company has created a wide range of wheels that look great and perform well, proving that fashion and functionality can be combined in an effective manner. To boost the tensile strength of their rims, Konig integrates advanced MAT technology in the overall blueprint. This technology also ensures that Konig Rims maintain an exceptional standard for a long time. For peace of mind and a great solution every time, Konig is a name that can always be relied upon.

Konig provide a wide range of wheels and rims

No matter what style or finish you are looking for, Konig have you covered. With silver and black being the most popular options, you'll find that chrome, gloss and matt selections are available. While there is a level of performance with these wheels that is appropriate for racing, they can be a suitable addition to people looking to brighten up the standard commute. Any motorist wanting to have a great looking car will find that Konig has the answer.

You'll find durable wheels on offer with Konig

While Konig provides a consistent product across the board, you'll find that these wheels are both durable and light. This isn't always a combination that works well together, which is what makes the Konig brand such a strong option for people. The firm has always aimed to provide stylish wheels that push technology to the limit.

Konig Main Line Wheels

Konig’s Main Rim Collection includes the company’s most refined designs that have been setting standards on how tuner cars and muscle cars should look. With a build that balances both style and performance, these rims highlight the company’s over three decades of dominating the wheel industry. Konig’s Main Line includes the tuner inspired 10 curved spoke Konig Lightning, the 8-spoke Konig Helium, the huge widths and low offsets of the Konig SMM, the timeless Konig Rewind, the 12 spoke Konig Tweakd and the five split spoke Konig Oversteer which comes in opal, red, gloss black, and white colour scheme options.

The Konig Illusion has a 10 spoke pattern with distinct ball cut spoke edges that come in a red, blue or machined accent. Integrating an aggressive six spoke pattern, the Konig Backbone comes in a sleek black colour with a distinctive dual lightning hole PCD. Meanwhile, the Konig Unknown presents an air of mystery with its combined mirror machined and gloss black spokes that come in either 4 or 5 lug fitments.

Konig Flow Formed Wheels

With the goal of significantly enhancing tensile strength, Konig Rims undergo the patented Flow Forming Technology which applies pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel while spinning and after casting. This results in the aluminium construction being stretched and a stronger, more durable yet lighter rim quality produced. To match your personal style, users can opt for the aggressive 12 spoke Konig Hypegram, the progressive 7 spoke Konig Ultraform and the Matte Grey 15 spoke Konig Rennform.

Konig Classic Wheels

As a leader in the wheel industry for over three decades, Konig has produced the most elegant and inimitable rims that immediately change a vehicle’s style from generic to elite. This particular list consists of the older yet still head turning wheel designs by the company. The Konig Roller redefines the word ageless with an old school mesh centre design coupled by a machined face and lip. With its machined forward face design, the Konig Interform produces outstanding brake calliper clearance and is an ideal choice for FWD, RWD, AWD and other passenger vehicles. The Konig Wideopen showcases a performance vehicle’s individuality through its eye-catching split spoke pattern with deep lip and low offsets. Other ageless rims by the company include the six spoke Konig SE10, the Konig Integram with its aggressive eight split spoke pattern and the Konig Deception which is designed with ball cut machine spokes and a gorgeous matte black finish.

Choose a good value for money option

With Konig wheels coming in a wide range of sizes, it is best to choose from a company that provides a fantastic range of wheels. This has always been a hallmark of Konig, helping drivers to make the best possible impression, no matter what vehicle they drive. Being able to add stylish wheels for an affordable price is the aim of most drivers, and this selection should help on that score.

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