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Set your sports compact or muscle car apart from the rest by installing a new set of Konig Wheels. For over 35 years, Konig has prioritized top-level quality, lightweight build, innovative design, and reliable performance with their rims. Available in a variety of designs and the most common diameters, TDot Performance offers a complete collection of Konig Rims to warrant a precise and superb upgrade for different driving personalities.

Konig Wheels are highly regarded all over the globe thanks to rim designs that are not just robust and lightweight but are also refined and inimitable. With superb craftsmanship and progressive innovations featured in their rims, Konig promotes a design that balances style and performance to effectively set the standards on how tuner car and muscle car wheels should be designed. To boost the tensile strength of their rims, Konig integrates advanced MAT technology in the overall blueprint. The flow-forming technologies in this manufacturing procedure bestow extra density to prevent porosity or voids which can then generate cracks or corrosion. This technology also makes certain that Konig Rims maintain that exceptional and polished look for a long time. Guaranteed to exceed today’s stringent driving standards, Konig Rims are a superb upgrade to boring stock wheels.

For the lowest prices on Konig Wheels in all of Canada, look no further than TDot Performance. We are an authorized retailer of Konig and we carry all their latest designs including the Hypergram, Ultrafrom, and Oversteer Series among others. Since we are a verified vendor, you can rest assured all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer are duly honored. As a proud Canadian owned and operated business, our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees. Please don’t hesitate to call our customer service advisers at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at sales@TDotperformance.ca for more information.