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TDot Performance is all about providing high quality Magnaflow products for your vehicle needs. However, it is not a secret that Magnaflow is at extreme competition with another brand called Flowmaster. But don’t worry, let your confusion rest, because we will provide you with the most accurate information about Flowmaster vs Magnaflow in order to set your mind at ease that Magnaflow is the best in Canada. Regardless if you drive a car, SUV, or truck, you need a reliable and complete exhaust system that you can surely count on. Both Magnaflow and Flowmaster have products manufactured in the United States. Magnaflow’s straight-through muffler design provides extra quality thanks to the acoustical packing stainless steel material that occupies the area around the perforated pipe.

On the other hand, Flowmaster has a chambered muffler design that does not utilize acoustical packing material, but instead optimizes metal plates that are called baffles for the purpose of splitting the sound waves. Both are constructed using 100% stainless steel material, but they differ in the sound they make. Magnaflow exhaust system creates a deep and loud sound, while Flowmaster produces tuned rumble sound. The expertly designed perforated stainless-steel core of the Magnaflow muffler is designed not to have air restrictions, therefore the exhaust gases can freely flow right through the muffler and this process can significantly increase the horsepower of your vehicle. However, the chambered mufflers of Flowmaster create an air restriction that results in the decrease of speed, though the Flowmaster muffler produces a beautiful growl sound.