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The reliable and extremely durable muffler Magnaflow has to offer can be purchased through TDot Performance at a very low price. Magnaflow mufflers in Canada are constructed with resilient stainless steel that produces heavy-duty mufflers that offers the perfect blend of right balance of style and performance. Featuring the famed Magnaflow muffler sounds that are widely recognized throughout the automotive world, Magnaflow Mufflers are a must-have. You can choose from the Magnaflow Muffler Black Series, the Magnaflow Pro Series, or the Magnaflow XL Mufflers, as well as the Magnaflow Straight-Through muffler, also know as the "Glasspack Muffler" and the ever-popular Magnaflow Universal Muffler.

The typical muffler Magnaflow manufactures produce a tuned, smooth and powerful exhaust sound due to the free-flow design that is developed for optimum performance. The Magnaflow mufflers in Canada are equipped with a mandrel bent that is designed for ultimate performance. They have a satin finish as a result of quality design and workmanship.

TDot Performance offers the lowest price for Magnaflow performance mufflers in Canada, as well as free shipping. You don’t have to pay custom fees or duties or border fees. The individual Magnaflow muffler price for featured mufflers will vary but remember, when it comes to price, no one beats TDot Performance. Find a lower price elsewhere, just give us a call and find a better deal with us. Check out our price match page for more details.

Finally, the Magnaflow resonator is widely available at TDot Performance and can be purchased with free shipping. The Magnaflow resonator is made from 100% stainless steel and is very attractive to look at, featuring good looks coupled with resilience and efficiency in providing long-lasting performance. This product has a shine that will continue to glow for years to come, as the Magnaflow resonator is built to last for a lifetime, with high resistance to weathering, corrosion, and environmental pollution.