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Maxxis has a product line to rival any tire manufacturer in the world, and a brilliant reputation amongst automobile fanatics to boot. It labels its wheels 'the tires of choice' and advocate a focus on transforming 'customers' passion into performance'.

We host a fine selection of Maxxis tires on our site here at TDot Performance, from smaller, more compact models designed for day-to-day road use, to larger, thicker wheels built to specifically tackle tougher terrain. Whatever type of Maxxis tires you're looking for, you'll find a solution for your vehicle with TDot Performance.

Passenger car tires

Among our catalogue of Maxxis products are a selection of 'passenger car' tires - wheels ideal for daily use for most customers. These tires are manufactured to the highest possible standards, offering supreme grip and facilitating excellent car handling, and built to withstand even the most testing temperatures or weather conditions, be there burning sunshine or unrelenting snow.

Some of the models we have available include:

  • Victra MA-Z1: An all-season tire assembled with silica compound for handling both wet and dry traction.
  • MA P1: A tire built to increase comfort levels through facilitation of superb handling.
  • MA-202 Series: Durable wheels assembled with great grip in mind, designed to handle wet-weather conditions with aplomb.

4x4 tires

We also have a selection of superb tires for 4x4 vehicles, allowing your car to sweep across troublesome terrain with ease.

Some of the models we have available include:

  • Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 Tires: Built with puncture resistance and added traction for all kinds of rocky roads.
  • Creeper Crawler M8090: These colourfully-titled tires are built for off-road vehicles, allowing you to confidently venture down beaten tracks and dirt roads with complete confidence.

If you'd like any more information about the Maxxis tires available from TDot Performance, give us a call today on 1-800-276-7566, or drop us a line on [email protected].