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Michelin: A Highly-Acclaimed Tire Manufacturer for Over a Century

With a history that dates back until 1888, the Michelin Brand has consistently produced rugged and sturdy tires to improve the drivability of modern vehicles which include family sedans, race cars, commercial vehicles, and off-road trucks. As a well-renowned name, Michelin is selected by premium vehicle manufacturers like Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, Honda, and many others as original equipment suppliers to their various vehicle models. Placing emphasis on driving safety, comfort, Michelin’s R&D Department has produced summer tires, winter tires, competition tires, touring all-season tires and many others to serve as a precise solution to different vehicle applications. You can shop and read about all the details on the most innovative and precise Michelin Tires at TDot Performance. Our shop is the most trusted dealer of the modern Canadian driver. Here are just some of the most highly-rated Michelin tires you’ll find in our shop along with some quick details about them.

Summer Tires

If you’re looking for a track and competition tire that can also be used on the streets then you’re going to want to select the Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2 tires. With the cutting-edge Bi-Compound Technology integrated, these tires unlock the potential of your sports vehicle in dry surfaces with unbeatable lap performance and faster circuit times. These tires are not to be used in snow, slush, ice, and near-freezing winter conditions. For luxury touring cars, the Michelin Primacy HP Tires are sure to provide better handling and braking on both wet and dry road conditions. With the company’s Comfort Control Technology in the tire’s details, you can expect a quiet and comfortable driving experience. Certifying proper fitment, Michelin allows drivers to select their Primacy HP Tires in 205, 215, 245, and 255mm tire widths.

Winter Tires

When driving on heavy winter roads, passenger vehicles that integrate low-quality regular tires end up dropping their vehicle’s drivability by 50 percent or more. To properly conquer snow and ice, the Michelin X-Ice X13 Tires ensures driving stability and reliable traction in winter road conditions. This studless ice and snow tire features the patented FleX-Ice Compound, cross z-sipes, and micro pumps to certify driving safety in the harshest of winters. The winter-efficient X-Ice X13 Tires come in a variety of tire widths ranging from 175 to 255mm. Another efficient Michelin Tire for conquering the ice is their LTX Winter. Made for commercial light trucks, the LTX Winter Tires utilize 3-D Active Sipes technology and the patented MaxTouch Construction's contact patch to warrant effortless handling and superb traction in snow, ice, and slush. The LTX Winter comes in 245, 255, and 275mm width options along with various tire profiles like 75r16 and 65r18.

All-Season Tires

The Michelin Premier A/S Tires are labeled as the company’s grand-touring all-season efficient tires for sedans and coupes. With Michelin’s EverGrip Technology, these tires integrate an evolving tread that certifies superb grip, shorter stopping distance, and better control during all four seasons of the year. Regarded as Michelin’s most fuel-efficient tires, the Energy Saver A/S Tires provides all-year-round comfort and an extensive tread life coupled with a reduced cost for fuel refills. With the patented MaxTouch Construction generating a low-rolling resistance, these tires reliably decrease fuel usage and CO2 emissions.

Most Trusted Michelin Tires Dealer in Canada

Select TDot Performance for the complete collection of Michelin’s high-quality tires. We are an authorized dealer of Michelin and other prestigious aftermarket brands so you can expect all the tires and any other vehicle parts we carry to be of authentic quality. TDot Performance prioritizes precision with our broad selection of Michelin Tires which come in a variety of widths including 235, 245, 255, 275, 285, and 305mm width options. Available in various tire profiles like 70r22, 75r16, and 80r22, you’ll surely find the best fit for your vehicle model at our shop.

As Canada’s top dealer, TDot Performance provides the lowest prices in all of Canada for Michelin Tires. We offer deliveries to anywhere in Canada with 0 charges on customs, duties or brokerage fees. Our shop provides fast shipment where your vehicle upgrades will take no time to arrive at your doorsteps. Since we are a verified dealer, all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. Guaranteeing the best prices and free shipping, you won’t find a better shopping experience from any other online shop than TDot Performance. Click now and save big on Michelin Tires! For further details, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at