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Established in 2005, Mishimoto is a trusted industry leader that engineers a broad selection of aftermarket performance cooling parts and accessories. Mishimoto offers intercoolers, radiators, transmission coolers, oil cooler kits, oil catch cans, radiator hose kits, and many other essential parts that promote greater cooling efficiency. All these Mishimoto parts are manufactured using premium-quality materials and cutting-edge computer software before being rigorously assessed multiple times to guarantee superb resilience and a long lifespan.

When it comes to automotive cooling upgrades, there’s no need to look further than the premium and long-lasting parts and accessories engineered by Mishimoto. They offer a selection of top-quality intercoolers constructed using 6061 aluminum with precision TIG welding. Mishimoto Intercoolers reliably decrease intake air temperatures to effectively boost power levels and improve overall engine performance. Mishimoto is also renowned for engineering top-of-the-market aluminum radiators, performance radiators, and aftermarket radiators. Mishimoto Radiators feature massive cores for improved cooling capabilities and optimal heat dissipation.

Mishimoto Transmission Coolers and Transmission Cooler Kits are available to boost transmission system performance and ensure longevity. By maintaining appropriate transmission fluid temperatures, Mishimoto Transmission Coolers reliably dissipate excess heat from the transmission fluid to prevent overheating during high-performance driving or when operating in hot climates. Furthermore, Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kits ensure oil temperature levels are kept low to prevent engine damage and that crucial high-wear engine components are properly lubricated with cooler oil.

For the best prices on the most sought-after Mishimoto parts and accessories, there’s not a more trusted dealer in Canada than TDot Performance. We are an authorized retailer of Mishimoto so you can rest assured that we offer their latest intercoolers, radiators, transmission coolers, oil cooler kits, and many other cooling solutions. TDot Performance provides free shipping to anywhere in Canada with no customs, duties, or brokerage fees. Shipping your new Mishimoto Parts is reliably quick, taking only three to five working days to accomplish.