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Enhanced Driving Quality With Moroso Tires

Since 1968, the Moroso Products and Components are selected by racing enthusiasts and street drivers to significantly boost their vehicle’s overall performance. A versatile manufacturer, the company is front and center with innovations made for stock street vehicles and NASCAR race cars. Moroso offers a wide selection of suspension upgrades, oil pans, oiling systems, ignition components, fuel system components, air cleaners, and many other essential vehicle accessories. The company also manufactures top-quality tires that are meticulously built for drag racing and other tough competitions. Not only will they produce a smoother ride quality but they also generate a more aggressive appearance that perfectly complements your vehicle’s wheels.

Engineered specifically for racing, the Moroso Drag Race Front Tires feature lightweight construction and two-ply nylon cord to decrease unsprung weight and rolling resistance. To overcome drag races and other demanding competitions, these tires are designed with a shallow tread depth for high-speed stability and a sturdy mounting bead for improved high-pressure endurance. Alternatively, drag race and track enthusiasts can select to install the Moroso DS-2 Front Drag Tires which integrate an aircraft-inspired asymmetrical tread design and broad footprint for improved acceleration and braking as well as lowered rolling resistance. The four-ply nylon construction warrants optimized durability as the ozone-resistance compound certifies resilience against tough environmental conditions. Both the Moroso Drag Race Front Tires and DS-2 Front Drag Tires come in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate different needs.

High-Quality Moroso Tires in Canada

TDot Performance is the modern Canadian driver’s main contact when it comes to high-quality wheels and tires along with other aftermarket components and accessories. Select our shop for a broad selection of all the new and sought after products you could ever need to enhance your overall driving experience. From Moroso to Firestone to Husky Liners, we make 0 compromises as we are an authorized seller of the most highly-regarded aftermarket brands. You can rest assured that all the components and accessories you buy from us are 100% authentic and well-packaged. Select and purchase your new vehicle upgrades and products from us and we’ll make sure your ride is fully and precisely optimized.

Whether you need new exhaust components, air intake components, rugged tires, or wheel accessories, there’s not a more reputable shop in Canada than TDot Performance. You won’t find a better price or deal anywhere else for these vehicle components and products. For drivers residing in Canada, our shop also provides a fast shipment system which promises that all product deliveries have no customs, duties, or brokerage fees. When you order from us, expect your new products and accessories to arrive at your doorsteps in just three to five working days. Adding to that, they come with the official product warranties and a 30-day No-Hassle refund. Guaranteeing the best price in all of Canada and fast shipping, click now and save big on Moroso Tires. If you have further queries or need instructions on how to make the best purchase for your make and model, please contact us at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at