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MSD was founded in 1970. Today they have built a strong reputation for manufacturing quality products such as electronic source for ignitions, coils, distributors, timing controls, spark plug wires, starters and electronic fuel injection.

MSD Ignition

MSD Ignition has an international reputation for reliability and superb value for money. They provide today’s most efficient and reliable ignition components that suit just about any engine model. The company is known for manufacturing the first multiple-spark discharge ignition control boxes for engines. This unique automotive equipment brand continues to enhance and expand its product range regularly, so buyers always have access to the best possible technology on the market.

MSD Ignition is a highly-regarded international company that has been producing top-quality ignition components since 1970. Up to this date, this international brand remains a go-to designer and manufacturer for modern drivers and performance enthusiasts. Regardless of the type of competition your engine is overcoming, MSD’s engineering department provides the ideal components and upgrades which guarantee you’ll experience a dominant victory.

Top Quality Ignition Components

True to their name, MSD Ignition offers some of the finest ignition systems available, but its product range also stretches much further than engine care, supplying vehicle lights, performance chips, and automotive chemicals, as well as fuel systems and components. MSD has ignition control units, distributors, RPM module kits, and ignition coils that properly accommodate different vehicles and different ways of driving. Their ignition control units produce the ideal ignition set up for your engine, guaranteeing that rough idling, missing or excessive fuel usage is effectively minimized. MSD’s engineering department designs distributors that produce the spark required by each cylinder per second to elevate engine performance with modifications integrated. The ignition coils of the brand guarantee that the lowest amount of electricity is needed to bestow the appropriate amount of spark the engine requires.

MSD Ignition also has RPM and timing controls which allow your engine to get past ignition delay and achieve the best power possible. The international brand’s product range also stretches much further than engine care, supplying vehicle lights, performance chips, and automotive chemicals, as well as fuel systems and components. At TDot Performance, we have all the MSD Ignition products you could need in one convenient place, coupled with the lowest prices guaranteed.

Engine products

MSD Ignition are a brand synonymous with engine efficiency and quality, and are one of the leading companies in the industry when it comes to ignition systems. At TDot Performance, we offer a diverse range of MSD Ignition products that can actively enhance the ability of your vehicle's engine, including:

  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Distributors
  • Ignition Parts, such as Gears, Starters, Generators and Adapters
  • Ignition Boxes
  • Ignition Coils
  • Spark Plugs
  • Combo Kits (ready-to-run ignition systems)

We also have a selection of MSD Ignition Fuel Systems available, including Fuel Pumps, Fuel Delivery Systems and Fuel System Parts. MSD Ignition Fuel Components reliably guarantee that your engine is given clean and consistent fuel for superb driving performance. For today’s high driving standards, these fuel system components see to it that your engine can go the distance.

Light products

MSD Ignition also supplies a range of light products that can enhance your vision on the road and ensure you can always see what's ahead of you, even in low-light conditions. These light upgrades are essential components in making certain you can see clearly in dark environments and that accidents are effectively prevented. At TDot Performance, we have both Auxiliary Lights and LED Lights ready for purchase.

Performance products

Whether you need new full ignition upgrade kits, ignition controllers, ignition coils, distributors, crank trigger kits, spark plug wires, fuel pumps, fuel regulators, or RPM module kits, we guarantee that there’s not a more up-to-date retailer than us. You can build yourself a better vehicle with MSD Ignition performance products. We also guarantee that all the MSD Ignition Parts and Accessories you purchase come with the lowest prices in all of Canada. From automotive tools to performance chips to automotive chemicals, we have a selection of today’s most sought after items that can be utilized to transform your automobile into a fine-looking, terrifically reliable vehicle that can get you from A to B safely.

TDot Performance reliably supplies and ships the newest and most efficient MSD Ignition Products directly to your doorsteps. As an authorized seller, all the MSD Ignition Products you purchase are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and come with the international and limited warranties provided by the company. Our easy website promotes a superb shopping experience and you’ll be sure to quickly see all the precise ignition components you need for optimal engine performance. Just add all the items you want to your cart, check-out, and you’re good to go. We guarantee that all the items you purchased will be shipped to your suburban area in Canada in a remarkably quick time. If you have any queries whatsoever regarding the best MSD Ignition Components for your needs, contact our customer service department at 1-800-276-7566,