EnerSys Energy Products Inc. manufactures Odyssey batteries, and they are an exclusively owned subsidiary of the giant company of EnerSys. EnerSys is a recognized and trusted global leader in the industry of stored energy solutions in the fields of automotive, industrial, and military applications. They have numerous manufacturing facilities located in 17 different countries, and they have sales and service offices all over the world.

EnerSys is backed with more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing batteries, and they are a dominant partner when it comes to stored energy for automotive, heavy duty equipment, marine, powersports service, as well as parts provider. Odyssey batteries are produced in accordance to the strict standard of quality implemented by EnerSys. The extremely durable and long-lasting batteries from Odyssey batteries are manufactured in their two facilities located globally, which are in Warrensburg, Missouri USA, and in Newport, Wales United Kingdom. Odyssey Battery offers exceptional batteries that are long lasting compared to conventional batteries, and their batteries are maintenance free. With Odyssey batteries, huge savings are made possible in terms of time and money.


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