Pendaliner by PendaForm is a brand with great passion for designing and building amazing aftermarket products and accessories using innovative thermoformed solutions. The company’s unique capabilities and expertise guarantee that all Pendaliner products had pushed the limits of design and functionality! Pendaliner innovates the market by their extensive materials research, product development and advanced thermoforming techniques.

If you’re looking for the perfect bedliner for your vehicle, you won’t go wring in choosing Pendaliner! And since TDOT Performance offers all of our customers the brand’s complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada, we are your one stop shop for Pendaliner products. We are an authorized Pendaliner retailer, which means that if you place your purchase with us your new product will be covered by the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty. And we will never ask you to pay any shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!


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Why Choose Pendaliner?

Pendaliner bedliners are unique products, offering many advantages over other leading industry brands. The company’s bedliners offer up to two times the skid resistance of comparable drop-in or spray-on bed liners. And their extremely durable UV protected finish not only looks great, but can also resist gasoline spills, oil spills, and most known chemicals! The bedliners’ unique rib design protects the surface from dents and scrapes while acting as a channel system for draining water away from the liner. And the best part is that the liners’ custom fit allows for a drill-free hassle-free installation.

Pendaliner bedliners deliver many more innovative features, like molded-in board holders for stacking and tailgate cup holders for added comfort functionality! So, if you’re searching for your new bedliner, Pendaliner is a great choice!

Pendaliner Products in Canada

TDOT Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Pendaliner products. This means that if you buy from us, you willl be covered by the complete protection of the manufacturer’s warranty. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated business, so all of our customers enjoy free shipping on all orders. And we’ll never ask you to pay any customs, duties, or border fees! If you can’t find the product you’re looking for on our website, just give us a call! Even if a product is not listed on our site doesn’t mean we don’t have it stocked in our warehouse!