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Established in 1963 with an unwavering commitment to producing superior driving lights, PIAA remains as one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of driving lights and lighting accessories. Whether you need high-powered headlights for city driving or fog lights and light bars for off-road use, PIAA offers durable, reliable options with the highest build quality in mind. PIAA consistently ranks as one of our best-selling brands at TDot Performance, and for good reason. They even ventured out of their comfort zone and now manufacture trustworthy wiper blades and grille guards to keep the entire face of your car or truck uncompromised and ready to tackle Canadian roads with you. PIAA has also become an industry leader in innovation, leading the charge with brighter yet more efficient lighting options and future technologies that will surely turn some heads. The PIAA brand is one that has been around for decades, and as they continue to strive for excellence, it will remain a household name among auto enthusiasts, professionals, and suppliers.PIAA Lights in Canada

At TDot Performance, we carry PIAA products at the lowest prices in Canada, guaranteed. When you shop with us, you're given the full manufacturer's warranty just in case something goes wrong. We've also got you covered if you have further questions or concerns. Give us a call at 1-800-276-7566 and our team of experts is standing by and willing to help you out.


Offering a range of products to enhance your vision as you drive, this UK company draws on its extensive experience with motorsports to ensure everything it sells is durable and stylish.


Lighting is a great place to start when you're thinking of styling your car, but these new Fog Lights offer function and form. They give a cool appearance to your vehicle's exterior, and when the driving conditions become less than ideal, they'll vastly improve your safety. The PIAA LP Lights display the company branding and also have a protective front guard for those times when the terrain becomes rough. When you need Replacement Bulbs, come back to us for PIAA Xtreme White Plus Bulbs, PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow Bulbs and many more.

Light Bars

For a striking illumination effect, go for Light Bars such as the PIAA RF Lights it's a dramatic improvement on standard LEDs, and with 6000k white light, it replicates the look of daylight on a road. To fix everything in place, we have the PIAA Light Mount Bars with corrosion protection; use them to mount up to four 9-inch lights. As a touch of luxury and to increase the visibility of your vehicle, we have PIAA Deno Lights; they boast nine high-density LEDs and an eye-catching pale blue honeycomb backdrop.


Once you have everything in place, how about protecting your investment with light covers? The PIAA Mesh Grille Covers look rugged on the street or off-road, and the branding is cut out, allowing water to flow straight through. If you would prefer a more protective layer to guard your lights against the elements, then the PIAA Solid Covers can play an important role in maintaining your set-up. They fit straight over your lights and look great when you are on the move.

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