Pop & Lock has been a global leader in truck tailgate security for the last two decades. The company designs and manufactures vehicle-specific locks designed to protect your cargo in the safest way possible. Tough, stylish and corrosion resistant, Pop & Lock’s security products are installed within minutes and opened with the push of a button.


Featured Products

Pop & Lock has everything you need to protect your truck bed by locking and unlocking it with a push of a button using your truck’s OEM key fob. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, Pop & Locks security solutions are custom made for to fit your particular vehicle.

Our Pop & Lock catalogue of manual and power locks includes high quality tailgate locks, tonneau locks, and truck cap lock. Built sturdy, compact and tamperproof to ensure maximum protection. And very simple to install.

• Manual tailgate locks
• Power tailgate locks
• Spare tire locks
• Tonneau cover locks
• Truck cap locks

Locks made of indestructible steel forged to last and protect your valuables like nothing else on the market.

Pop & Lock specializes in the manufacturing of top tier manual and power locks for tailgates, truck caps, and tonneau covers. Acquired by VSI, LLC in 2011, today the Wisconsin-based company offers the best in aftermarket security products for almost all models of truck applications. Finding the right security product for your particular vehicle is easy. Just select your model and find the right Pop & Lock product for your vehicle. Each and every Pop & Lock product is crafted to the highest industry.