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Precision Gear is a global leader in designing and manufacturing high quality products for aerospace, defense and commercial applications, with special know-how in developing close tolerance, hardened and ground shafts and assemblies. The company’s extensive product line includes spur, helical, double helical and crowned gears, high-speed external and internal splined shafts and components, elongated compressor hafts, free wheel cams, close tolerance shafts, as well as pistons, rods, cylinders, and mechanical assemblies. Precision Gear also offers overhaul and repair supper for OEM equipment.

TDOT Performance carries the Precision Gear’s complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada. We are an authorized Precision Gear retailer, which means you’ll enjoy the full protection of the manufacturer's warranty. And if you order from us, you will pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!

Why Choose Precision Gear?

Precision Gear is specialized in manufacturing ring and pinion gear sets, differentials and everything else required for assembling the components in race cars and off-roaders. The brand is an affiliate company of Omix-Ada, so you can sure all products and components are developed and manufactured with the latest technology and the highest quality materials.

Precision Gear products and hardware are made from premium materials, and will leave nothing to be desired!

Precision Gear Products in Canada

TDOT Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Precision Gear products. And this means you’ll enjoy the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty when you place your purchase with us. Because we are a 100% Canadian owned and operated business, our customers always enjoy free shipping on all orders and are never asked to pay customs, duties, or border fees! You can always give us a call if you’re having trouble finding a particular product on our website. Even if something is not listed on the site, we probably have it in our warehouse!