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Overcome rigorous driving conditions and ensure a smooth driving quality on extended runs by installing new Pro Comp Tires. Established in 1992, the Pro Comp Brand engineers various types of aftermarket tires to provide your vehicle a more precise handling and a safer experience. Select the A/T Sport All-Terrain Sports Tires for your next adventure or visit to the track and you can bet on superb ride quality. These all-terrain tires promote a firm grip and superior performance during dry summer days, rainy weather, and muddy off-roads.

For optimal traction in the most demanding off-road applications, Pro Comp recommends installing their Xtreme MT2 Tires which are thoroughly engineered to provide effortless and comfortable driving in mud and rocks. The Pro Comp Brand also has the Xtreme Trax for UTV/ATV owners looking to improve traction and control in harsh terrain. Besides an enhanced driving quality, the progressive and rugged look of these tires is certain to change how people view your vehicle. To suit different needs, Pro Comp Tires are made available in various sizes and configurations.

TDot Performance is the one-stop online shop when it comes to the latest innovations of Pro Comp. Our shop allows users to select from Pro Comp’s Xtreme MT2, XTerrain, A/T Sport, and many other tire configurations to suit their vehicle’s` needs. Couple the aggressive look of your new Pro Comp Tires by integrating a set of their eye-catching wheels or wheel packages. The refined aesthetic of these wheels guarantees that both bystanders and the competition will view you in higher regard. Whether you need alloy wheels or sturdy steel wheels, we offer a full selection of them in various types, finishes, and sizes. As Canada’s most trusted shop for vehicle upgrades, we guarantee that all the products we carry are 100% authentic and brand-new. Adding to that, our Pro Comp Tires and Wheels come with the lowest prices you’ll ever find in the whole region.

Our easy-to-navigate website makes it effortless to view, shop, and purchase the Pro Comp Tires and Wheels that perfectly fit your vehicle make and model. Simply select or type in the specific tire or wheel you’re planning to install onto your vehicle along with the tire size before adding them to your cart and completing your order. For drivers residing in Canada, our shop guarantees all your packages come free of any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. With an incredibly quick shipment system, expect your packages to arrive at your doorsteps in a remarkably quick time. For free shipping and the best prices guaranteed, click now and save big on Pro Comp Tires and Wheels. If you have any inquiries regarding Pro Comp Tires and Wheels, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-276-7566, or give us an email at