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Founded in 2009 by Manuel Gotz, RaceChip offers modern and affordable products that take the driving enhance the driving experience. A team of vehicle enthusiasts and engineers have come together create innovative products that customer can enjoy thoroughly. RaceChip priority lies in the satisfaction and pleasure of its customers. To suit the needs of its increasingly growing customer base, RaceChip offers products for a wide variety of makes and models. Today, RaceChip products can be found in all parts of the world.


TDot Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all RaceChip products. What this means is that when you purchase a product from us, it will come with the complete protection of RaceChip’s manufacturer warranty. TDot Performance is 100% Canadian owned and operated. So, we'll never ask you to pay any shipping, customs, duties, or brokerage fees! And if you can't find the product, you're looking for just give us a call. If a certain product is not listed on the site doesn't mean, we don't have it in our warehouse!