Rugged Ridge is a well-established brand in designing and manufacturing high quality Jeep performance parts and accessories. If you’re an off-road enthusiast or looking to replacement and restoration Jeep parts, Rugged Ridge is the brand for you. With established know-how and over 3, 000 products available for the Jeep market, Rugged Ridge continues to innovate and expand its product lines every year.

Some of most innovative and patented Rugged Ridge products include their Jeep floor liners, Jeep snorkel and Jeep XHD modular bumpers. The brand’s products are designed and manufactured for a perfect fit and the highest quality. TDOT Performance carries the brand’s complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada. We are an authorized Rugged Ridge retailer, which means you’ll enjoy the full protection of the manufacturer's warranty. And if you order from us, you will pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!


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Why Choose Rugged Ridge?

Rugged Ridge was established in 2005 to fill the need and growing interest in new Jeep parts and accessories. The company offers the Jeep enthusiast a wide variety of products, and continues to expand product and push innovation. Rugged Ridge extensive product line includes Jeep hood catches, Jeep protection products, decals, Jeep tops, Jeep wheels, winches, Jeep fender flares, Jeep hoods, and Jeep performance products and more! So, if you’re a Jeep fan, and are looking to upgrade, replace, or restore your Jeep, Rugged Ridge has the perfect product for you!

Rugged Ridge Products in Canada

TDOT Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Rugged Ridge products. This means that if you place your purchase with us, your new product will be covered by the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our customers always enjoy free shipping on all orders and are never asked to pay customs, duties, or border fees! You can always give us a call if you’re having trouble finding a product on our website. Even if something is not listed on the site, doesn’t mean it’s not stocked it in our warehouse!