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Smarty Performance King is specialized in manufacturing high quality automotive electronic products, offering superior performance coupled with ease of use. If you’re a performance enthusiast looking for the complete performance product to tune your vehicle, you can be certain that Smarty upholds the highest quality standards on the market.
Smarty Performance King develops all products in-house, and has more than forty years of experience in engineering electronics and software. The company’s innovative hand-held tuners will deliver dramatic improvements to your vehicle’s drivetrain without the hassle of replacing its OEM chip. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And with Smarty’s focus on high quality, complete customer satisfaction, and world-class customer service, you’re in good hands.
TDOT Performance offers all Smarty Performance King products at the lowest prices in Canada. We are an authorized Smarty retailer, which means that when you make your purchase with us, your new product will be covered by the full manufacturer warranty. And we will never ask you to pay any shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!


Smarty offers a range of hand-held tuners that enable drivers to crank up the performance of their vehicle; you won' t need any special training because these are designed to keep the task simple and safe.

Smarty Tuner Models

With the Smarty Tuner, drivers can achieve a maximum of 260 horsepower. This is the brand' s original tuner. It doesn't require drivers to tear up their vehicle or engine if they want to enhance its performance.

If you prefer a larger, old-school model, the Smarty Classic Tuner is ideal; it can be stacked with chips and delivers power at six different levels.

The Smarty Sport Revo Tuner is one of the few hand-held devices that offer such a high degree of car software customisation. There is no need to spend hours trying to understand binary code, or running it through your PC, because this gadget makes fine-tuning a car or truck simple. Even if you've already carried out modifications, it can recognise the parameters that it's working with and provide the degree of race performance that you have in mind.

For an inexpensive and basic starter pack, choose the Smarty Junior Tuner & Programmer. It's the easiest to use, provides three different levels of power, and there's also a DTC reader built in. This will let you clear codes and calibrate tyre sizes, as well as achieving around 100 horsepower.

Save money on fuel with the Smarty Power On Demand Tuner, a device that can be set at a time when it suits you, even while you're driving. It can communicate with your truck's ECM, or onboard computer, in order to change the information it's receiving and deliver lower fuel consumption. As well as tuners, we have Smarty Replacement Cables and Smarty Pyro Kits to make it easier to work on your car.

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