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Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Smittybilt is the most trusted name in the aftermarket when it comes to nerf bars, because after all, they invented the product! Smittybilt produces two types of side bars: the Sure Step and the more traditional Nerf Step. What is the difference between these two industry-leading products? The Smittybilt Sure Step is a running board, meaning that the stepping pad runs along the entire length of the side bar. The Nerf Step, on the other hand, is a nerf bar and thus only has stepping pads at vehicle entry points. Both products come in premium black powdercoat and stainless steel finishes.

Bumpers & Grille Savers

Smittybilt invented the tubular Jeep bumper, and they continue to lead the industry with new iterations of this famed product. However, if you don't drive a Jeep, Smittybilt still has a product to help protect your vehicle. The Smittybilt Grille Saver uses the same tubular technology as the Jeep bumper, but fits a more diverse set of vehicles. The Grille Saver comes in a premium black or stainless steel finish.


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