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Smittybilt is an off-road accessories manufacturer founded in 1956. Smittybilt products are designed to give your vehicle outstanding style along with protection from scrapes, scuffs, and corrosion. Smittybilt's long history has shown that the company is always on the forefront of innovation. Today's famous “nerf bars” and tubular Jeep bumpers were both technologies introduced to the world by Smittybilt. TDot Performance carries all Smittybilt products at the lowest prices in Canada. Enjoy free shipping on all orders from TDot Perfprmance, while paying no customs, duties, or border fees.


Air Compressors

Smittybilt’s versatile Air Compressors allow users to air up or air down their tires for a more efficient drive on different terrain. Their compact and heavy-duty design make them an ideal solution for off-road vehicles with exceptionally larger tires. Obtaining power directly from the battery, the Smittybilt Air Compressors inflate your tires at a faster rate than most compressors.

Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Smittybilt is the most trusted name in the aftermarket when it comes to nerf bars, because after all, they invented the product! Smittybilt produces two types of side bars: the Sure Step and the more traditional Nerf Step. What is the difference between these two industry-leading products? The Smittybilt Sure Step is a running board, meaning that the stepping pad runs along the entire length of the side bar. The Nerf Step, on the other hand, is a nerf bar and thus only has stepping pads at vehicle entry points. Both products come in premium black powdercoat and stainless steel finishes.

Bumpers & Grille Savers

Give your vehicle an aggressive style and ensure maximized protection by integrating Smittybilt Bumpers and Grille Savers. Smittybilt is renowned for their outstanding tubular Jeep bumper, and they continue to lead the industry with new iterations of this famed product. However, if you don't drive a Jeep, Smittybilt still has a product to help protect your vehicle. The Smittybilt Grille Saver uses the same tubular technology as the Jeep bumper, but fits a more diverse set of vehicles. The Grille Saver comes in a premium black or stainless steel finish. To set your ride apart from others, Smittybilt offers their M1 Grille to produce a distinctive statement. It features stainless steel construction, sleek satin black powder coating and chrome plated lugs.


Smittybilt certifies excellent illumination and a safer driving experience with their top quality lighting solutions. The Smittybilt Light Bars are engineered to fit various light configurations to lighten up even the darkest roads. With a heavy-duty steel construction and sleek black powder coating, they are incredibly robust and look outstanding when mounted to your vehicle.

Cargo Restraint System

Ensure all essential gear stays inside your jeep when you go off-roading by mounting the Smittybilt Cargo Net. This component appropriately mounts to the factory belt rail to efficiently keep cargo at the rear of your Jeep safe. Adding to that, this cargo system safeguards your pets when you take them with you on your adventures. Integrating a weather resistant OE soft top material, the Smittybilt C.RES Net is set to last a lifetime.

Fenders & Fender Flares

Smittybilt Fenders and Fender Flares are fundamental upgrades when swapping for larger tires. They fit directly over the wheel wells and increase tire coverage to prevent dirt and debris from shooting up. These components keep your vehicle street legal as certain states require certain fender flares for different tire sizes. Built using heavy-duty stainless steel, Smittybilt Fender and Fender Flares are built to overcome the toughest off-road challenges.

Roof Top Tents

Smittybilt Roof Top Tents are highly regarded for giving the adventurer a quick and effortless means to set up camp. These portable roof tents are easy to set up, allowing users to spend the night atop their jeep, truck or SUV instead of the cold ground. Featuring a telescoping ladder, aluminium frame poles, a high density foam mattress, mosquito screens and LED strip interior light, the waterproof Smittybilt Overlander Tent guarantees a comfortable outdoor experience even under rainy weather conditions.


TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of Smittybilt products in Canada. As a result, our customers are covered by the full manufacturer's warranty. You also don't pay any shipping, customs, duties, or border fees when you order from us. And finally, thanks to our operational efficiency, we are able to offer the lowest prices in Canada on all Smittybilt products, guaranteed.