Sprint Booster SBMT0003S - Mitsubishi Manual and Auto V3 Electronic Throttle Control

Part #SBMT0003S
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  • Sprint Booster SBMT0003S - Mitsubishi Manual and Auto V3 Electronic Throttle Control
  • Sprint Booster SBMT0003S - Mitsubishi Manual and Auto V3 Electronic Throttle Control
  • Sprint Booster SBMT0003S - Mitsubishi Manual and Auto V3 Electronic Throttle Control
  • Sprint Booster SBMT0003S - Mitsubishi Manual and Auto V3 Electronic Throttle Control

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Sprint Booster SBMT0003S - Mitsubishi Manual and Auto V3 Electronic Throttle Control

Part #SBMT0003S
Regular CAD$399.99
Buy now and save $70.99
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Sprint Booster V3

Sprint Booster enables your car's throttle to react at a much faster rate. This means your gas pedal literally reaches a full throttle response 25% quicker compared to your vehicle's stock configuration.

In the 21st century, the ECM (Electronic Control Module) has replaced the conventional throttle cable. And the ECM is responsible for translating the force exerted on your gas pedal into electronic signals which send power to the wheels.

The ETC (Electronic Throttle Control), also known as a Drive-By-Wire throttle system, has some disadvantages, like a somewhat delayed response and restrained acceleration. This can obviously create many problems in situations where up-hill stars, quick gear-changes and overtaking are required. This is exactly where Sprint Boosters outshine ETC. Sprint Booster overcomes this throttle response delay by providing your vehicle with precise, on-tap acceleration whenever you call for it.

V3 Special Features

  • 3 Unique Acceleration Modes (Off, Sport, Racing)
  • 36 Acceleration Programs (18 manual transmissions and 18 automatic transmissions)
  • Pedal Lock Mode
  • Valet Mode
  • Super Compact Size
  • Sleek new design
  • Plug-N-Play Installation

Overall Outcomes

  • At low revs, the engine takes half the time to respond
  • The delay time is almost zero while accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear and when the engine is in the mid-range
  • Huge changes in the higher rev range
  • Enhanced response for downshifts and safer overtaking
  • Fits all models including manual, automatic, petrol, and diesel cars
  • Overall improved safety and more fun on the road
Sprint Booster is most effective in the low to mid rpm range, where most 'street' cars are normally driven on a day-to-day basis. Yes, you may need to adjust your driving style after installing Sprint Booster - but the learning curve is smallà and very much worth the effort! Sprint Booster will put the excitement back into your daily drive!
Pendant Switch:

SprintBoosters have a unique pendant switch attached. With this switch, it will enable users to have the light on the pendant off which will deactivate the Sprint Booster leaving the driver with factory throttle settings. With the light set to green,the sport program is activated which gives improved throttle response. Users can also switch the pendant to red light which will enable race program, resulting aggressive throttle response.

This is a product that you need to 'feel' to believe! Sprint Boosters have already debuted at SEMA SHOW 2009 winning one of the most important awards in aftermarket industry, the 'SEMA BEST NEW PERFORMANCE-STREET PRODUCT 2010'; award among 1400 new products.Impressive, isn't it? Tens of thousands of clients are already enjoying their Sprint Boosters in Europe and Asia. Now, we're making that happen right here in North America! After all, why should we be left out in all of the fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sprint Booster?
Sprint Booster is an electronic plug-n-play device which is installed behind the accelerator pedal. The installation is a quick and easy process which does not affect the electronic systems of your car (injection, ABS, etc.).

V2 vs V3: Which Sprint Booster is Right For Me?
The truth is with both V2 and V3 Sprint Boosters you will come out ahead of the curve! That being said, V3 Sprint Boosters have some additional features, including 9 steps-programs in both SPORT mode and RACE mode to suit each unique driving style. That's18 different programs in total, allowing you to truly fine-tune each mode. A special Pedal Lock mode is a unique safety feature which you can use to prevent unwanted and unauthorized vehicle use. A Valet Mode can be used to limit your vehicle's accelerationpotential by 55%-65%-75%. And the V3's compact size means you can place the selector switch anywhere on the dash for added convenience!

How does the Sprint Booster Work?
Sprint Booster is engineered to enhance the driving experience by providing increased acceleration time (eliminating delay) on drive-by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the ECM (Electronic Control Module)with a new and altered signal for much quicker response. Sprint Booster improves response, increases pedal input sensitivity and delivers more impressive off the line performance you can really feel.

Is the Sprint Booster easy to install?
Sprint Booster is an easy plug-n-play performance upgrade that takes just a few minutes to install. It delivers instant response throughout the power band, making accelerating and rev matching a lot more fun and enjoyable. Professional installation isalways recommended for best results.

Is there a Sprint Booster available for my car?
Sprint Booster is application-specific and available for a number of popular high-performance makes and models.
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Sprint Booster is Plug-n-Play Performance Upgrade, engineered to enhance the throttle response and acceleration.
Year Make Model Transmission Type
2008 - 2015 MITSUBISHI LANCER Automatic Trans, Manual Trans
2008 - 2015 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION Automatic Trans, Manual Trans