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T-Rex Grilles is the world leader in automotive grilles and accessories, boasting almost 20 years of cutting edge manufacturing. T-Rex Grilles offers the ultimate line of grills designed to add dominating presence on any car, truck, or SUV. Producing the finest automotive grilles and accessories in the industry today, T-Rex Grille’s innovation and craftsmanship is visible in every grille product the company has developed.

If you are looking to create the perfect, fearsome front-end look and turn heads every time, then you need a T-Rex grille. Browse our complete line-up of T-Rex Grilles, available in various styles and fitments for your specific vehicle.

The classic-looks Billet Grille series has set the standard in billet grille design for the last 20 years. These professional-grade replacements are precision crafted from a premium T-6 billet aluminum. The Billet Grilles are custom built for your specific year, make, and model. Rock-solid construction, perfect fit, and easy bolt-on.

The X-Metal Grilles are the ultimate addition to your vehicle. These stunning grilles create the most aggressive front-end style can hit the road with. The luxurious T-Rex Upper Class Grilles are also designed to upgrade your car or truck to a whole new level of style. They boast a fine woven formed mesh surrounded with a laser cut 12-gauge frame.

If you’re after the perfect performance minded grille to make the ultimate statement with your truck, then take a look at the Torch LED Series. They feature the same aggressive design as the legendary X-Series, with chrome stud accents around the 12-gauge frame, and fitted with some awesome looking ZROADZ LED lights.

The T-Rex Phantom Grilles boast a traditional, yet truly artistic, billet design. These ultra-stylish grilles will cover your headlights perfectly. Then, there’s the dynamic custom-crafted Graphic Series offering a mesh grilles design ideal for most of today’s applications.

Last but not least are the T-Rex Sport Grilles. If you want to add some high-end custom appearance on a budget, these grilles are just ideal for the purpose. The Sport series features a one-of-a-kind formed mesh with a frameless overlay design. The grills are available in chrome or powder coated black finishes.

T-Rex Grilles also manufactures a large range of grille accessories designed to customize your truck, car, SUV. Find you perfect T-Rex grille logo and badge to add the right finishing touch onto your T-Rex Grille. After all, driving a vehicle is not all about getting from point A to B. It’s also about showing your sense of style through your unique, customized ride...

T-Rex Grilles products are proudly made right here in the USA using cutting edge manufacturing technology and the highest grade laser-cut materials. Each and every grille undergoes meticulous assembly and post-production quality control to ensure that you receive unsurpassed quality and durability. T-Rex Grilles’ grilles are finished with the highest quality powder-coating, electro-polishing, or chrome plating.