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Timbren’s thoroughly engineered Air Suspension Kits are a reliable solution when it comes to ensuring a smooth ride on just about any driving condition. The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System or SES elevates suspension performance when pulling trailers or carrying heavy cargo on the truck bed. With the patented Aeon Rubber Springs, unnecessary stress is efficiently removed from your suspension. Users can expect excellent ride quality just about anywhere as these rubber springs efficiently absorb road bumps and cushion your shocks. The Timbren SES Suspension Upgrades are designed to be effortless to install and require zero maintenance. Whether your drive an RV, Jeep, SUV or a heavy duty truck, Timbren certifies a precise SES Kit for your specific year, make and model. Here at TDot Performance, we carry a full line of Timbren’s robust SES Suspension Upgrades. If it’s available at Timbren’s official website then you can bet that we have stocks of it ready to be shipped to your doorsteps.

If you’re driving a Dodge RAM 1500 that tends to lean when cornering or drifts on the highway, we offer the Timbren DR1500DQ Suspension Enhancement System for the proper protection of your suspension. This Timbren SES efficiently levels out the load to prevent vehicle rear end sagging and squatting. The hollow rubber springs are designed with a progressive spring rate so users can be certain that the heavier the load carried or pulled, the harder these springs will work to keep the vehicle level. With a large weight capacity of 8600 lbs, the Timbren DR1500DQ SES guarantees your RAM 1500 Truck is consistently stable even when driving with imbalanced loads on difficult road conditions.

For the best prices for Timbren’s SES Suspension Upgrades, TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian operated business that ensures you get the biggest bang for your buck. We provide a quick delivery that’s free of any customs or hidden charges to anywhere in Canada. All our stocks are well-packaged and free from any structural defects. On top of that, the Timbren Suspension Solutions you are purchasing are duly backed by a lifetime warranty.