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Ultra Wheel

With 32 years experience in producing performance products, Ultra Wheel can fit out off-road vehicles, trucks, luxury cars and street cruisers. Its wheels are regularly tested in dirt sport events and desert races, so you can be confident in their handling at speed, even over rough, uneven ground.

Wheel Types

Ultra Wheel Phantom Wheels are sleekly modern and feature a high-gloss silver finish; the spokes meet in a star design, and in the centre there's a sharp splash of branding. It's a street look that's also smart enough for executive cars, and they clean well due to the open design.

The all-black Ultra Wheel Worx Beast Wheels are all that you need to give your ride a more imposing appearance. They combine a sporty air with an innovative design and a serious attitude; they are your go-to wheels if you want to stand out in the crowd.

If street lock wheels are your thing, then the Ultra Wheel Walker Evans Racing Legend Wheels will impress you with their style and resemblance to genuine off-road competitive wheels. Perfect for even the most powerful vehicles, they leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Rendered in stunning black satin with diamond cut flanges, the Ultra Wheel Spline Wheels are a custom accessory to tempt any serious motorhead. The numerous technical features ensure that the handling dynamics are superb and provide a sense of lightness on the road.

Menacing and unique, the tough Ultra Wheel Predator Wheels have a milled front and a six spoke design. They are bold enough to keep you one step ahead of the custom car crowd and are built to last, but they also add a touch of elegance to any ride.

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