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Wix Filters, since 1939, has continuously improved its filtration products with innovative solutions to maintain your vehicle’s performance.. Wix carries a variety of solutions for your automotive, diesel, industrial, and specialty filtration needs. Whether you’re in the market for new air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, or transmission filters, there’s not a more complete online shop in Canada for everything Wix Filters than TDot Performance.
A brand by the highly-regarded German manufacturing group, Mann + Hummels, Wix Filters offers a broad selection of top-quality filters for classic and modern vehicles. Their product line consists of air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, cabin filters, coolant filters, transmission filters, and hydraulic filters that are specifically engineered to precisely fit cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, and more. Your search for the best deals is over as all the new Wix Filter Products are available with the lowest prices in Canada at TDot Performance. We also offer the full manufacturer’s warranty as well as 30-day No-Hassle returns! Guaranteeing the best prices and free shipping, there’s not a more efficient store in Canada if you’re looking for a large range of Wix Filters. For further assistance in finding the parts you're looking for please give us a call at 1-800-276-7566. If you’re searching for a sign to upgrade your engine’s overall performance then this is it! Purchase a new Wix Filter from TDot Performance today and bring in maximum gains!

Wix Air Filters bring forth an elevated amount of power-producing air to improve engine breathability, while blocking off harmful dirt, debris, and contaminants. Wix Engine Air Filters are well-crafted to prevent the entry of dust, dirt, and any other microscopic airborne contaminants, ensuring the cleanest air is provided for optimal performance. Meanwhile, Wix Oil Filters play a crucial role in your vehicle's lubrication system and your engine’s longevity. These exceptional oil filters prevent expensive engine damage by capturing detrimental components without compromising oil flow. Integrated inside your fuel tank, Wix Fuel Filters reliably screen out dirt and particles in the fuel line before they enter the engine. Whether your ride is fuelled by gasoline or diesel, a high-quality Wix Fuel Filter ensures it runs cleaner, healthier, and longer.

Wix Filters supplements the performance of these air, oil, and fuel filters with the most advanced in automotive technology. One of which is the Senzit Maintenance Platform which lets users effortlessly predict a filter’s lifespan and provide current engine hours. Easily used through a mobile app, Senzit allows the remote monitoring of your equipment for optimal filter efficiency and reduced costs. Wix is also well-regarded for its Napa Gold and Napa Platinum filters. The superb quality of their innovations rivals highly-esteemed brands like Luberfiner, Fram, Baldwin, and many others.

So, where can I find a Wix Filters shop near me? TDot Performance reliably eliminates all shopping hassles and ensures a smoother experience. Shop at TDot Performance for a complete selection of all the Wix Filters products you could ever need. Read the reviews on our website and you can rest assured that we are an authorized dealer of Wix Filters and all the other brands we sell. Our online shop ensures all the Wix Filters we have for sale come with the best deals and lowest prices in all of Canada.

We guarantee that all the vehicle parts and products you order from us are 100% authentic, brand-new, and well-packaged. When you buy your parts from us, we offer deliveries to anywhere in Canada with free shipping and no customs, duties, or brokerage fees plus a minimum hassle return policy on most products.