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With a proud history that dates back to 1976, XXR is well known for creating alloy wheels that provide tremendous value for money. The company has worked alongside a range of top manufacturers, as well as creating their own products, so when you need a firm you can trust, XXR is not going to let you down.

Grab a work of art

One of the main aims of XXR is to ensure motorists drive a work of art. This sets them apart from many companies, because they go the extra mile in creating a stylish and attractive set of wheels. When you are after the best-looking wheels, XXR has the range to satisfy you.

Combine beauty with durability

While some people may assume that the focus on aesthetic beauty means the functional side of XXR is being overlooked, this is definitely not the case. XXR is a company that is utterly committed to creating durable and reliable wheels that can withstand the most demanding and difficult conditions.

Grab value for money when you buy XXR wheels

The dual focus on style and durability ensures that XXR wheels are among the best value wheels you can hope to find. Knowing that your great looking wheels are also built to deal with whatever road conditions you encounter in your travels offers fantastic peace of mind. For a set of wheels that allows you to take on all challenges, look no further than XXR for the wheels you can trust at all times.

Grab the wheels that meet your needs

If the fantastic range of XXR wheels have grabbed your attention, get in touch with us and we will sort you out. Email or phone TDot Performance and we'll get you ready to go with the best standard of XXR wheels on offer.