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Regardless of whether your favorite weekend activity is kayaking, cycling, or surfing, the Yakima Brand provides the most efficient systems to make hauling equipment on your vehicle easier. Yakima services both newbies and pros with their large selection of surfboard carriers, snowboard racks, bike racks, spare tire carriers, and roof rack systems. Posting these transport solutions to your ride is sure to give you peace of mind and prevent expensive repairs caused by careless accidents. Closing the gap between the outdoor lover and the car enthusiast, Yakima was established in 1973 with the main goal of making road trips and weekend getaways more hassle-free. No longer will drivers have to hide their belongings inside their ride as these carriers fully restore interior space by utilizing the vehicle roof or hitch receiver to serve as a post that firmly safeguards your belongings. With most carriers featuring a direct-installation blueprint, correctly posting these carriers and rack systems to your car or truck is sure to be a cinch.

Why Yakima?

Yakima Products restore your vehicle’s interior space for a more comfortable drive and so more people can join you on your adventure. Regardless you’re on a solo cycling trip or are going on a skiing trip with the family, these components prove to be a reliable asset. From their spare tire carriers to their complete roof rack systems, the quality of their products features the balanced union between superb functionality and long-lasting resilience. The company provides many ways to safely haul your equipment from place to place. Yakima sees to it that no outdoor adventure is postponed and that the trip to your destination is always an enjoyable one. What’s more, Yakima’s rack systems, carriers, and other auto parts are designed with a progressive and distinct aesthetic. Not only do they look good on their own but they complement the overall appearance of your vehicle. You’re surely going to be posting more pictures of your ride’s new look on Facebook, Instagram, and all your other favorite social media platforms.

Yakima Solutions in Canada

TDot Performance is the Canadian Driver’s most trusted retailer that accommodates and services the needs of any modern driving personality. Whether it’s new racing tires for pros, a new air intake systems to restore engine breathability, a full engine assembly to overhaul your ride or repair parts for the DIY repairman, we see to it that you’ll find them all at our online shop. From Yakima to Michelin to Auto Ventshade to Westin Automotive, TDot Performance is a verified dealer of all your favorite auto parts manufacturers. This means that every product you select and purchase from us is always brand-new and 100% authentic. They come with the official warranties from the original manufacturer. We are Canada’s favorite dealer not just because of our complete collection of auto parts but also because we offer the lowest prices you’ll ever find in the market. You won’t see a better deal from any other online shop.

When you purchase your aftermarket auto parts and repair components from us, you’re getting an outstandingly fast shipment system along with our excellent customer service. TDot Performance doesn’t hide supplementary fees as what you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. Once you select and buy your products, our services will be posting them to your doorsteps in no time. Guaranteeing the best price in the region and free shipping, click now and save big on Yakima Tires and products. For questions on Yakima spare tire carriers, bike racks, or any auto part needed in properly posting them to your vehicle, please give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at sales@tdotperformance.ca. Our customer service department will be more than happy to help you select the right purchase. Create an account on our website and we’ll keep you posted on the latest innovations and newest happenings in the automotive industry. We’ll also be posting about promo packages and product sales to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.