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Chevrolet is an American division of the legendary automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM). Nowadays, Chevrolet has leading positions in producing a variety of vehicles, from subcompact automobiles to medium-duty commercial trucks. One of the most awesome pickup trucks, offered by Chevrolet, is the C1500 model. This model is a part of the Chevrolet’s C/K series. C/K is a series of full-size pickup trucks with more than 50 years history. Chevrolet C/K series vehicles were manufactured in four generations.

The first generation (1960–1966) featured a completely new body style of light pick-up trucks. The first C/K models were available with a new designation system, independent front suspension and a drop-center ladder frame. The second generation started in 1967. It came with a new body sheet metal construction for extra durability. This generation was also equipped with a coil spring trailing arm rear suspension, a three-speed manual transmission and two engine options.

The third generation (1973–1988) came with an entirely new design, with completely different cab style, rounded-lines for more aerodynamics, and longer wheelbase. Superior fuel efficiency and safety were provided as well. The fourth generation was launched in 1988 and was built on the GMT400/480 platform. This final generation was available in three trim levels and featured independent front suspension. However, the C/K series was discontinued in 2002.

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