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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of DODGE Air Intake Parts and accessories in Canada

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The Dodge Brand is known all over the globe for engineering high-quality, aggressive, and unstoppable performance cars. Integrating superb craftsmanship and innovative technology in their vehicles, Dodge gives its users the ultimate luxury with a design that’s highlighted by an unbeatable performance and an eye-catching aesthetic. From their dominant Challenger to the refined Durango to the unrelenting Charger, Dodge Vehicles place a huge emphasis on an exclusive, modern, and highly reliable design. To maximize the drivability of the Dodge and ensure better performance on fast-paced race applications, the modern driver turns to automotive aftermarket components to replace factory variants.

Dodge parts keep your motor running

TDot Performance is the go-to brand for the complete collection of the latest automotive upgrades for Dodge Vehicles. Expect the best prices and the sweetest deals when you buy your Dodge Parts and Accessories from us. TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian authorized retailer of the most highly regarded aftermarket brands. We significantly improve the Dodge’s power and performance through filters, engine components, air intake systems, exhaust systems, suspension systems, and turbochargers by brands such as Magnaflow, Injen, Banks Power, and Timbren. We have brake components to give your Dodge a more precise stopping efficiency while performance chips allow it to adapt effortlessly to different driving conditions. We offer exterior accessories like off-road bumpers, roof racks, and running boards to improve the Dodge’s efficiency and appearance. Interior accessories such as car seats, floor mats, and steering wheels reliably keep your vehicle’s insides looking spotless. We also have auxiliary lights, headlights, replacement bulbs, and many other lighting solutions to improve driving visibility. These products certify resilience, longevity and a precise fit to your Dodge model.

We make certain that your purchases are defect-free, brand new, and properly packaged. To top it off, every warranty provided by the manufacturer is duly honored.