Edge EZ Plug-In Module

Edge EZ Plug-In Module

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  • Edge EZ Plug-In Module
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Edge has particularly created the EZ Performance Module for Dodge Cummins turbo diesel engines. The EZ Performance Module mounts effortlessly straight to your engine. The exceptional module attaches precisely under the hood to your vehicle's MAP sensor and data link. This allows the EZ Performance Module to alter fueling and timing parameters. And the result is improved power output, superior towing response and increased fuel economy over factory settings. The additional power eradicates the necessity of transmission to hunt between gears. But, please, keep in mind that Edge EZ Performance Module is illegal for on-street use in the state of California, in the USA. The EZ Performance Module is not available with any display.

Nowadays, fuel is very expensive. This is why it will be great if you can boost each drop when you want superior levels of performance or improved fuel economy for your turbo diesel truck. Your vehicle was manufactured by the factory engineers to work under the challenges of a large variety of conditions. However, the engineers eventually accepted one range of midrange settings in order to meet the daily driving demands of most vehicle owners. But those typical denominator algorithms do not boost any particular performance category. This is why the Edge EZ Performance Module merely adjusts the factory settings. This means you can receive the most out of your engine's normal abilities with the EZ Performance Module. And the result is obvious boost in horsepower during performance driving or towing. You also get superior fuel economy while you are driving every day. The Edge EZ Performance model installs effortlessly under hood. You only have to mount one connector to your vehicle's MAP sensor as well as the other to the data link port. The EZ Performance Module is available with comprehensive instructions, which make the installation even easier. Some vehicle applications are provided with a toggle switch. It runs inside the vehicle to choose from settings for Economy, Performance, and Towing. Alternatively, you have to make the selection manually on the EZ Performance model's back under the hood. The Edge EZ Performance Module is produced in the USA and is available with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Edge Products was founded in 1999. The company's headquarters are located in Odgen, Utah, in the USA. Edge was created by engineers that specialized in the field of performance electronics for diesel trucks. The company has quickly acquired a reputation for trustworthy and proven performance among the costumers. Edge Products has won many new clients all over the world. This is why Edge has been named three times to Inc. Magazine's list of quickest expanding companies. Nowadays, Edge produces a lot of OBD II compatible modules, programmers, and monitors for gasoline- and diesel-specific applications. Recently, Edge is a subsidiary of the MSD Performance Company. The partnership of Edge Products with MSD Ignition, Superchips, and Racepak parts has resulted in exceptional engineering expertise, progressive product features, and high grade construction techniques. Today, more than 100 employees work in Edge and the company covers a 40,000 square foot facility.

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