The Bed Slide is a superb cargo solution as it makes loading, hauling, and transporting equipment, easier and safer. Built for the most rigorous applications, these sliding trays emphasize qualities of strength and durability along with an aggressive aesthetic. For a complete collection of Bed Slides as well as fundamental bed accessories and vehicle exterior accessories, TDot Performance is the one-stop-shop for the best prices in all of Canada.


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For pickup truck owners, Bed Slides are engineered to make it easier to place or remove cargo from your truck bed. Bed Slides feature an integrated drawer that slides out whenever you need to load or unload some equipment. Not only does using this upgrade reduce the time needed to move your cargo but it also ensures that your back and knees are kept safe from potential issues that heavy-lifting may cause. TDot Performance offers bed slides that are custom-designed for a specific application so you can expect a quick installation procedure and a precise fit. Made from heavy-duty materials such as aluminum or steel side rails and powder-coated steel frames, these bed slides place great emphasis on resilience and longevity. They come in different carrying capacities that range from 600 to 3000 lbs to efficiently suit your particular needs. Adding to that, these bed slides may be utilized along with tonneau covers and truck bed caps while they are kept firmly in place.

As Canada's most reputable seller, we guarantee that all the bed slides you purchase are 100% authentic, brand-new, long-lasting, and properly packaged. We offer the lowest rates and the sweetest deals you'll ever find in the Canadian region as all purchases come free of any customs, duties or brokerage fees. What you see on our website is the only amount you need to pay. To top it off, these bed slides are duly backed by the official warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. Should you find a better deal from another official seller, make sure to let us know so we can give you a price that's sure to topple theirs. TDot Performance guarantees a quick shipment system that takes only three to five working days to complete. If you need any assistance or further information on bed slides, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at Our experts will quickly get back to you to ensure that you make the best purchase.


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