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Chrome bumper trims are outstanding upgrades that detail and enhance your car, truck or SUV's aesthetics. Available in front and back variants, chrome bumper trims showcase a more refined personality and separate your ride from the average bunch. For the best prices in all of Canada, TDot Performance is the one-stop online shop for top-quality chrome trims and other excellent exterior accessories.

Chrome bumper trims bestow a unique style upgrade to your vehicle. These bumper trims are a perfect fit for just about any vehicle make and model as they are made available in a variety of styles and sizes. They are made using high-quality materials that emphasize superb corrosion, heat, and impact resistance. What's more, these chrome bumper trims install effortlessly to your ride without the need for hassling tools or any complicated procedures like drilling. We are authorized by highly-acclaimed manufacturers such as Putco, T-Rex, and Crown Automotive to provide Canadian drivers the very best chrome bumper trims. With that in mind, all our products are 100% authentic and they are coupled by the best prices and sweetest deals in the Canadian Region.

Every purchase you make from us is free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. If you find another official dealer that has a better price than ours, give us a call and we will surely beat them! Adding to that, shipment to anywhere in Canada takes only three to five working days. Should you require any help purchasing chrome bumper trims for your vehicle year and model, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email using the address

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Chrome Bumper Trim