If you're going to conquer your off-road adventures, TDot Performance highly recommends integrating high-quality grille protectors to enhance your truck or SUV's defense system. Not only are they built to protect your ride from dirt and debris, but they also outstandingly improve its overall appearance. From grille guards to brush guards to bull bars, we carry a large collection of grille collectors to suit different needs and preferences.


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There are multiple options when you decide to add grille guards to your vehicle, and knowing more about these options is important. The final decision you make will factor in a combination of form and function. You'll want to consider the performance of each one as well as how it will look on your own vehicle. The two main style options you'll have to choose from are:

Bull Bars

A bull bar is made from bent steel tubing and creates a unique look that other options won't offer. It can help protect the front end of the vehicle from brush and debris, and will also protect primary underside mechanical components. It also features additional space for the mounting of accessory lighting and license plates to add to the overall appearance. Installation is simple and requires no drilling.

Grille and Brush Guards

These are what come to mind when people think of grille guards. Constructed from steel, these guards mount onto the front of a truck or SUV and provide much more protection than other options. They'll usually feature horizontal or vertical bars that protect headlights as well as steel tubing that protects the actual grille. They also give your front end the rugged, aggressive look that many accessorizers love.

There are additional elements to consider, however. After you decide on which of the options you think is the right fit for your vehicle, you'll need to consider a few other things, such as:

  • Colour. Your primary colour options will be black, chrome, or stainless steel. This is purely a matter of personal preference, so take a minute to consider which colour of bumper guards you feel will fit your truck or SUV the best and go from there.
  • Style. Beyond the basic styles listed above, you'll find that truck grille guards come in numerous styles and shapes. Evaluate your options and find the one you think will look the best on your truck. Be sure to pay careful attention to the level of protection each guard offers for your headlights and your grille, as well as the one that simply looks the best to you.
  • Accessories. Finally, consider what kind of accessories you might want to add later. Things like accessory lights or a winch could be added to a bumper or a grille guard, and if you think this interests you be sure you choose a model that allows for said accessories to be added.

Grille Guards in Canada

Our lineup of grille protectors includes international brands like Dee Zee, Westin Automotive, Go Rhino, and Smittybilt. There are plenty of great options if you're shopping for a grille guard, so take your time and find the one that you know will suit your vehicle and your personality the best.


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