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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of license plates products in Canada

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Add an awesome finish to your custom ride by upgrading with new license plate frames, mounts, and covers. A top retailer in Canada, TDot Performance gives you the best prices for custom license plate frames, license plate covers, and other license plate accessories. As a trusted dealer, we carry license plate accessories in different styles to truly set your ride apart from the rest.

Why Invest in a License Plate?

The license plate, despite being such a small part of your car, can truly set it apart from the rest. That's why many people use their license plates to make a statement about themselves, reflecting their personal taste. A custom license plate is often the finishing touch of a vehicle modification, the crowning jewel. Even if you haven't completely revamped your car, you can start with the license plate. At the very least, don't let it hang out plain and bare or out of a boring case. Stand out from the crowd by encasing your license plate with the logo of your car or illuminating it with license plate lights. Love your license plate? Protect it from harm by using a cover. Ensure that heads turn by bordering your license plate with the highest quality license plate accessories.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Finally made the decision to let your license plate speak for itself? Ready to make a statement every time your hit the road running? Good thing for you is that TDot Performance can help you do just that. After all, we understand that you don't want to have a boring looking license plate. It's one of the first things people notice when they stop behind you in traffic. TDot's collection of top brands allows you to enhance the appearance of your license plate and protect your plate to ensure an amazing first impression. We carry WeatherTech's ClearCover license plate frames in the color of your choice, manufactured from the virtually indestructible Eastman DuraStar polymer, ensuring your dream plate is not only protected from moisture and dirt but is also bordered by your favorite color. The ClearCover's lens and gasket design allows for a very easy installation so you can enjoy class with ease!

License Plates in Canada

Ready to turn heads with your new license plates? If you're looking to find a perfect way to enhance the look of your license plate without breaking the wallet, TDot Performance is perfect for you. We offer the the highest quality products for your car, our selection including top-of-the-line brands such as Ford Racing, WeatherTech and Bargman. Now you can finally show off your new plates with pride. What's more, we offer hundred percent free shipping for those ordering from Canadian addresses!