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Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are designed to protect a car's bodywork by minimizing the spray of water, snow, mud or rocks onto the body of the car. There is some debate as to whether such items are necessary on modern cars and the ones that are installed by manufacturers are rarely up to the job, hence the huge selection of aftermarket mud flaps.

If you search for mud flaps online you will find there is a huge selection on offer (splash guards are essentially the same thing). You can purchase anything from stainless steel mud flaps to hitch mounted mud flaps. The best option is to go for a brand that you trust. The larger names in the business such as Husky Liners and WeatherTech will also produce mud flaps for particular cars. You can find mud flaps that will fit your car perfectly that are made from strong durable plastic, tough enough to protect your bodywork from anything the tires might throw at it.

You may also find some types of mud flaps that are easier to fit as they do not require drilling. This makes them quick and easy to install.

The advantages of mud flaps are that they provide protection for the undercarriage and doors of a vehicle, limiting the amount of debris thrown from under the tires. They do not negatively affect the miles per gallon you will get from your car and they are cheap and easy to install. Against this are they may fall off if not properly installed, and if they do not fit properly the tires may touch them when the steering is on full lock. In some climates mud flaps may not be required, but in Canada where the winter brings not only a heavy snowfall, but generous amounts of sand and salt they can keep your vehicle looking better and stave off chipped paint and corrosion.

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