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TDot Performance maximizes the functionality of your ride through a large collection of high-quality exterior accessories. Install a high-quality roof rack for the effortless transportation of your fundamental equipment. These roof racks are efficient solutions if you're looking to haul bikes, kayaks, and other larger cargo without compromising interior space.


Traditionally, roof racks feature an adjustable, positioned pair of mounted racks. The two rails sit on either side of the roof and allow for the attachment of specialty racks that will adjust to allow for the placement of whatever you need to carry. These types of kits usually include feet, load bars, end caps, and locks that provide the complete foundation for roof rack use.

You'll need to look for one of two types of roof kits when you shop:

  1. Kits that attach to factory included racks are the most common. These use factory-installed roof rack bases and modify them for improved performance.
  2. Other kits will be designed for use on vehicles that don't include a factory rack or a set of rain gutters. They'll be needed for the installation of additional roof kits since they're the foundation on which rack systems are built. You'll need to find the one that matches your vehicle in order to mount them since their pads follow the contour of your vehicle roof, and the brackets will conform to the door frame.

After your initial roof kit is installed, there are numerous additional accessories you can get that will further enhance functionality. Options to consider include:

  • Kayak Blocks. These soft foam blocks fit onto a roof rack and provide a soft, comfortable place for your kayak to rest during transport, keeping it and your vehicle's roof free of damage.
  • Bike Carriers. These are designed to fit most roof racks and feature durable material construction and are fully adjustable. They're designed to work with virtually any size bike and provide a much more secure way to transport bikes.
  • Cargo Bags. Roof cargo bags offered by Thule or Yakima are designed to hold your luggage when you're on the go and fit perfectly onto the roof rack, giving you an easy way to transport items without worrying about losing them.
  • Quick Loop Straps. These accessories let you secure nearly anything to the roof rack. They're made from a flexible and durable material and feature easy adjustment to ensure you can attach your items fast and get on the road sooner.

Roof Racks in Canada

At TDot Performance, we truly understand the needs of the travelling outdoorsman. Whatever you choose to transport, we'll help you realize your roof's true potential. When you buy from us, you receive the manufacturer's warranty and our full support without any hidden costs or fees. Order a roof rack and start hauling like never before.