Base rack systems serve as the foundation for generating additional storage space without affecting interior space and driving comfort. These components allow users to effortlessly set up a roof rack on any car, truck or SUV. For a broad selection of base rack systems, roof racks, and other exterior accessories, there's not a more trusted retailer in Canada than TDot Performance.


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Safely transport vital and bulky equipment without compromising interior space by integrating high-quality base rack systems. Whether you enjoy snowboarding at the mountains during the weekends, are a water-sports enthusiast, or are preparing for a family road trip, base rack systems are essential in providing the mounting points for the appropriate carriers. They come with all the necessary components you need to set up a roof rack from scratch or add to already existing factory rain gutters, tracks or raised roof rails. From foot packs to crossbars to raised side rail mounts, TDot Performance offers a complete selection of the most innovative base rack systems to effectively accommodate your specific needs. These components are made using only heavy-duty materials. For instance, our crossbars are typically constructed from rust-resistance aluminum while footings are built using sturdy glass-reinforced nylon. Since most modern vehicles already feature pre-drilled mounting points, expect a quick and effortless installation procedure.

TDot Performance is the Canadian driver's top seller if you're looking for the industry's most sought after base rack systems. We are entrusted by well-regarded aftermarket manufacturers including the likes of Thule, Go Rhino, Rola, Yakima, and KC Hilites. Since we are Canada's top dealer, we guarantee you won't find a lower rate or a better deal anywhere else. As a verified seller, all your purchases are 100% authentic and we honor all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. To top it off, shipment to your location in Canada is reliably quick, taking only three to five working days to reach your doorsteps. If you need help or have inquiries regarding the most efficient base rack systems, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at [email protected]