Canoe carrier and kayak racks are essential exterior accessories for watersport enthusiasts. These roof racks save you a lot of interior space as they bestow a safe and reliable storage system for hauling surfboards, kayaks, canoes, and SUPs. TDot Performance is Canada's top retailer that carries a large variety of canoe carriers and kayak racks so whether you intend to haul one kayak or more with additional items, we guarantee the perfect carriers for your needs.


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For water sports enthusiasts, transporting your watercraft from place to place can be downright impossible without the proper equipment. With canoe carriers and kayak racks, all your water sport gears are properly secured for transport. These carriers are made using sturdy and rust-resistant materials for a reliable quality that will never damage your canoes or kayaks. They are built to carry the bulkiest of kayaks without cracking and they are guaranteed to last a long time. With regards to your specific needs and your vehicle model, these carriers come in a variety of styles and configurations. Regardless if you need to haul four kayaks or one kayak with other items, there's not a more complete retailer in Canada than TDot Performance.

We are entrusted by renowned manufacturers like Thule, Yakima, BAK Industries, Rola, and Sportrack to distribute their innovations to car and watersport enthusiasts all over the Canadian Region. We promise that you won't find a better price or a sweeter deal anywhere else. As a verified seller, we honor all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. Our shipment system certifies quick deliveries to your location in Canada that takes only three to five working days to arrive on your doorsteps. If you require any assistance locating the most efficient kayak racks and canoe carriers, just give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at and one of our representatives will quickly get back to you.