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It takes quite the truck to get through winters in Canada. The snow can pile up, requiring a truck with some hefty clearance. But high clearance can make a truck difficult to get in and out of. You want an intimidating truck that will also be welcoming to your friends and family, being able to get up and into your truck with ease. For most people, that means buying a running board. A running board is a simple, slender board that runs down the side of your truck. This board is bolted onto the underside of your truck, right into the frame. Small arms come out from underneath the truck and hold the board into place. These boards serve as steps for getting into your vehicle. As with most decisions involving cars, choosing a running board is not so simple.

Standard Running Boards

Standard running boards get the job done. They normally run the length of your passenger doors. However, they can be made to run along the entire length of two doors, or just sit under one door for a two-seater. Standard boards are simple in design and appearance, featuring one length of grooved footholds.

Molded Running Boards

Molded boards are slightly more customized. These boards feature individual footholds for each passenger and guide them into the proper truck mounting position. The molded footholds feature aggressive foot grips which are ideal for those icy Canadian winters. These boards are a bit more fashionable and utilitarian than standard boards.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Running Boards

Stainless steel is an incredibly durable metal, especially for the snow, ice, and road salt. The steel will not rust throughout its lifetime. Aluminum is also an incredibly durable and lightweight metal. These running boards should be used by people who are conscious about performance because they will not add a lot of weight to the vehicle.

Lighted Running Boards

For added safety, some manufacturers produce lighted running boards. These illuminated boards allow you to see where you're stepping in dimly-lit conditions. Lighted running boards have been highly regarded by those who have to work in remote areas and those who use their truck for work in the winter.

Retractable Running Boards

Automated retractable running boards actually pop out and lower from underneath the truck. These add some flare to your vehicle and will have your ride dressed to impress. They allow your truck to look like it just rolled off the lot while giving you all the advantages of having a running board. Plus, they will retract and not get caught up on rocks or stumps while off-roading. It is the ultimate choice in utilitarian luxury.