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Side Mirrors

The side mirror on a car is designed to help the driver see areas that are behind or to the side of their vehicle. Most modern cars have the side mirrors fitted to the doors and they can be adjusted either manually or by means of geared motors. The side mirror is an important safety feature on a car and they should be kept in good condition. If a side mirror is damaged or missing, the reflective surface is damaged, the head or mounting is loose or the mirror casing or glass is cracked, then the mirror should be replaced.

If you shop online for side mirrors you will find a wide range of mirrors; everything from classic racing car mirrors to modern carbon fibre mirrors. Regardless of the type of car you own you will be able to find a side mirror that fits with the design of your car.

A side mirror is made up of a number of components, and if your side mirror is damaged it may be possible to replace just the part that is broken rather than the whole mirror. However, you may prefer to change the entire side mirror to improve the appearance of your car. When purchasing a new side mirror you need to bear in mind that the side mirror on the driver's side differs from the side mirror on the passenger side, therefore if you are not replacing both mirrors you need to purchase the correct side mirror.

Other cars passing too close to the vehicle when it is parked on a road can often damage side mirrors. If you have to park your car somewhere where space is limited then a folding side mirror may be a good option to prevent damage.

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