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Side Vents

Side vents or portholes were a classic styling feature commonly seen on cars in the 1950s; however, they went out of fashion and for many years no cars were seen with this feature. Then vents began reappearing on cars; often those in the luxury bracket, and now many car enthusiasts like to add them to their vehicle.

Vents are commonly seen on racing cars where they are used to allow the air passing over the radiator to exit. They also help to cool the engine bay by maintaining airflow. Side vents are commonly seen behind the rear or front wheels and these allow air to exit the wheel wells. They also help to channel hot air from the engine bay. Other cars may also have side vents, some have a function such as channelling hot air away from the brakes or the engine bay, but others are purely a design feature to add a little 'sportiness' to the car's appearance.

There is a range of vents on the market, including mesh vents and chrome vents. The process for installing side vents on a car will vary depending on the type of car. Some side vents are simply stick on vents and in this case all that is required is to peel back the adhesive strip and then apply the vent in the required position. These side vents are not expensive and if bought from a reputable supplier they will be durable and look good. If you have a car which already has side vents, but you want to spruce them up a bit then the process will obviously be a bit more complicated as you will have to remove the original vent and replace it with the new model.

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