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Canadian winters bring with them heavy snow and this can make driving treacherous. Clearing snow from driveways can be backbreaking work so perhaps it is no surprise that someone came up with the idea of a snowplow that can be attached to an ordinary family car. Instead of having freezing hands and being late for work the car owner can clear snow from the comfort of the driving seat of the car.

Snowplows can be fitted to cars to help clear snow on driveways. Most snowplows will work on uneven surfaces such as paver brick or gravel driveways. The snowplows are made of lightweight plastic and are extremely durable. The snowplows come in various sizes to fit SUVs and passenger cars.

The snowplows are attached to a car using brackets on the front of the vehicle. The brackets stay on the car for the rest of the winter and this allows the snowplow to be attached and removed easily. According to manufacturers of the snowplows the amount of time taken to attach or detach them should be no more than for opening and closing the hood of a car. When not in use the snowplow may be stored and some are foldable to allow for convenient storage. Foldable types can also be stored in the boot of a car if required. However, before purchasing a snowplow for your car you should check that it would attach easily. Some snowplows on the market are only suitable for vehicles that have bumpers up to 14-inches off the ground; anything above this would require some extra bolts and modification of the installation instructions.

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