Always be prepared for accidental flat tires especially if you're driving for a long-time by installing new spare tire carriers. To suit different needs and preferences, users are allowed to position these spare tire mounts on various locations on their vehicles. As a top retailer of the high-quality exterior accessories, TDot Performance guarantees the best prices for these spare tire carriers.


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Over the years, car manufacturers have stowed the spare tire on their vehicles in a range of places including on the roof, under the car, in the trunk, on the trunk and even on top of the engine. However, if you want to install a spare tire mount you have a limited number of options.

When considering where you want to install the spare tire mount, several factors should guide your choice. The spare tire must be carried somewhere where it will be secure and will not adversely affect performance or safety. If you want to install the spare tire mount on the back of the vehicle make sure you still have access to the trunk. If it is mounted on the roof or in the trunk will it reduce space for other cargo? Using an offset or extra-offset mounting may make these problems less of an issue as the tire is positioned away from the vehicle. Another thing to consider when mounting your spare tire carrier outside the car is security. Tires can be expensive so securing your spare tire is essential.

You could use a professional to install your spare tire mount but it is possible to do it yourself. Depending on which type you have bought this could be as simple as fitting a few bolts or it could be more complicated. Manufacturers such as Fab Fours, Smittybilt and Warn offer spare tire carriers that are affordable and easy to install.

Bumper mounts are attached to a bumper using U-bolts that go around the bumper and then screw into the spare tire mount. Once fixed they firmly lock the spare tire in place. There are also mounts that have been designed to attach to roof racks.

When it comes to purchasing spare tire mount kits check what is in the kit. Some manufacturers provide everything you need except the tools, whilst others do not. You may also find kits specifically designed for your vehicle. If you're residing in Canada then TDot Performance is the most reputable dealer when it comes to high-quality spare tire carriers and other vehicle exterior accessories. For advice please contact us today at 1-800-276-7566, or email using the address


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